Sunday, 3 January 2010

Last chance to enter our blog hop today, there are 16 prizes to win, so get a move on!

Have you entered yet?  Please click HERE to find the blog hop details

You have until midnight tonight to hop along and get your answers in by email.  There are 16 prizes, so the odds are very good to win a prize!

The winners will be announced this week, so do call back to see if you have won, what you have won and to find out how to claim your prize!!!!

There is still time to enter the awards too, we'd love to see your best/favourite work of 2009, so click HERE for the award details.



  1. I love doing blog hops, but it's been fantastic to be one of the blogs in the hop too! I've never had so many comments :)
    AND, I found out Vix doesn't live far from me, how cool is that!!

  2. Hi Jill,
    I have posted a reminder on my blog, it has been such fun and I have enjoyed being a hostess, thankyou.
    Christine xx

  3. What a great idea, only found this Blog today so it is probably a bit late for me to have a go. But I see that I'm the 200th follower so at least I've made some sort of record.

  4. Is this the spot to check for the blog hop winners?

  5. Yes, it is Yvonne, we will announce the winners as soon as we have the final list of winners.


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