Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Repeat times for today's Create and Craft Show

A late additional post today with repeat times of the TV show filmed today.  It's been a very eventful day, culminating with me having to arrange for more stock to be made available for the repeats as all but 2 kits had sold out. 

The A1 was closed so after I'd trailed through many villages around the Newark area I ended up hitting the rush hour on the M62.  My phone kept ringing but I couldn't do anything about it until I pulled off the motorway, long story short, they had sold out so I made a number of calls and all is now set up for the repeats to go ahead with more stock.  Luckily Craft Creations make their own products so I think they will be very busy for the rest of the week as if all goes to plan, it will be repeated at the weekend as well!!  Anyway, the repeat times...

21 Jan 2010 12:00 AM - 01:00 AM

21 Jan 2010 07:00 AM - 08:00 AM

Sorry there's not much notice for the repeats.

I had to work with the lovely Howard, not easy!  Bless him!!  As with Saturday's show, I didn't get to do all my demos and you also didn't see many of the cards I made.  I have been asked to go back so you may see them on the next show, but just in case, I will post them here too.  I did manage to sneak in a Starburst Stain background, I just had to do that, for me:)

It was a strange experience for me as I'm normally a stamper and normally haul a couple of crates of stuff with me, today I only had 2 large bags and hardly any equipment on the counter.  All I needed was silicone, scissors, a couple of cocktail sticks and my tweezers and can you believe I left my tweezers at home!  I borrowed some but they didn't feel the same, you like to use your own equipment that you are used to I suppose.

I had a fraught start to the day, my Tom Tom couldn't get a signal and I was stuck at the hotel in the middle of Peterborough, a very kind employee told me it wasn't an easy route to explain and hopped into his car so I could follow him, how kind!!  I shall be telephoning is boss tomorrow:)

Anyway, enough for tonight, will post another card from Saturday's show tomorrow.



  1. I saw your show last weekend, it was most enjoyable. Loved everything I saw especially the beautiful violin stamp,the lovely boxes were just great and I liked your tip for heating organze ribbon!


    Keryn :D

  2. I'm watching it now :)! Very enjoyable.

  3. Saw the Craft Creations show this morning have an infectious laugh...looked like you were having fun, Howard is bonkers lol xx

  4. I wish they'd put repeats on at reasonable times! Ah well. Sorry to hear you had such a nightmare journey though it sounds like you were a star on the show!!

  5. Nice to see you demonstrating something different for you Jill.
    Looked and sounded like you and Howard had a good time.
    Sorry you had a nightmare of a journey.
    Christine xx

    I received one of your gorgeous cards from Saturday's show, it has pride of place in my craft room and has been posted onto my blog.

  6. Saw the show you had put a lot of work in from the pile of cards, sad we did not see them. You are kind about Howard, I don't think craft shows are his "thing". Keep up the good work. Bee xx


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