Sunday, 31 January 2010

What a tease I am! Create and Craft noon on Monday

Really really quick post today as we are running around like headless chickens before we set off for Peterborough.  Not sure if i will be allowed to demo what I hope to but just to tease you a little more, here's a bit more of the frame! 

Thanks for yesterday's comments, the finished frame may not be to everyone's taste but it really is my thing too!!

I hope they let me do this!!

I'll also be on at 3pm for Craft Creations Ltd on Ideal World, so a double bubble tomorrow:)



  1. I hope they let you demo some of the frame its gorgeous, will set my Sky + as I have to go out, looking forward to the show

  2. Good Luck with the show Jill ... I shall be watching :0)

  3. I've already set the Sky+ box Jill and I do have my fingers crossed they let you do the frame. It's most definitely my sort of thing so good luck.

    Lesley Xx

  4. You are a tease, Jill. Hope to see lots of demo's!! Good luck with both shows, I shall be watching at Noon!


  5. Wish I was at home to watch the programme - the frame looks fab!


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