Sunday, 17 January 2010

Nautical boxed card from Saturday's show

The light is not brilliant for taking photos today, but here is one of the cards/boxes that featured in the show.

I used the Gator Gumbo Olive from the Mardi Gras set with the cling film technique on the top of the box and sprayed the bottom half of the box.

You can see how the box folds inside, I initially thought all they all folded under into themselves but this is a much better way of making them.  It really is worth following the instructions for the first box, then they are easy peasy every time.  You don't need to use glue or cut anything, just fold them.

The next couple of pictures show the pattern of the cling film technique. 

I used Moonglow Midnight Teal Obsidian embossing powder to emboss all the designs.

I wanted to put a gold embellishment, such as a ship or anchor charm on the bottom LHS of the card, but could I find one?  No... I will have to find one before I can finish the card properly.  I like to use buttons and have some somewhere with an anchor, they will turn up eventually I'm sure.

I used the dry paper stipple on the background before stamping the script randomly with brown Stazon.  I folded the edges around a paintbrush to make a scroll for the wording.

One of the demos I was going to show was a finishing touch to the box lid.  I opened up the box lid and fixed the ribbon ends inside so they were hidden to give a neat finish on the inside of the box lid.
I used a plastic button for the centre of the bow, I used wire cutters to remove the shank and fixed it into place with silicone glue.


  1. That's beautiful, Jill. I really enjoyed the show - so much I've got my starburst stains and moon shadow inks out to remind myself what I've got!

  2. I love this Jill,ive had these stamps since you brought them out and they are my favourites for mens cards,luv georginaxx

  3. absolutely gorgeous.(do we have them boxes.wouldnt mind a couple myself)???
    debbie xxx

  4. Beautiful box and card Jill. Love the colours and that Nautical themeplate is joint favourite of mine for mens cards.

    Couldn't watch the show live but have recorded it and will be watching in peace tomorrow when OH is at work.

    Lesley Xx

  5. Hi Jill.

    happy New Year! Sorry it's a bit late, but things have been really hectic and making me run about like a headless chicken! However, I'm more or less sorted now.. just this busy week, then back to normal - whatever normal is!

    The cards are great, and although I haven't watched the show yet, it's been sky plussed. Ahhhh, the beauty of technology eh?

    I'm back down at C and C on Sunday next, 8am start. Early, early, early. Wayyyyyy to early for me! Not sure who I'm on with yet, but it's Buzzcraft product again.

    I never did get around to thanking you either for putting my cards up on your blog - you know, I really appreciate that. I will pinch them at some point in the future if thats okay. lol. I haven't really been blogging so much lately - time and personal reasons, but am trying like heckers to get back into it! I WILL SUCCEED!!!(I think!)

    Anyway, will catch up for a proper chat soon.
    Jo xxx

  6. These boxes are gorgeous Jill and the stamps are certainly perfect for mens cards.
    I love how you shrunk the organza ribbon. I will definitely have to give that a go, although my heat gun has just blown up today so will have to have a trip to the shops tomorrow, you don't realise how much you use one until it's not there!!


  7. What a beautiful project, Jill...always so fun to see what my friends in the UK are up to!

  8. Morning Jill

    Recorded the show and eventually got the chance to have a look last night, great inspiration as always.

    Loveed the ribbon technique so guess what I've got planned to try out today ?

    Also spritzed and scrunched some paper and going to use that as a change for making roses. I think they will look nice and distressed as well as shimmery.

    B x


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