Monday, 18 January 2010

Nautical easel card that didn't quite make an appearance on Saturday's show

If we'd just had a little more time in Saturday's show I may have been able to show this simple little easel card.  I did get it set up to demo and it was in front of me at the end of the show but, we just ran out of time. 

I'm loving making these easel cards at the moment.  I used the Nautical stamp sheet, again embossing with Moonglow Midnight Teal Obsidian embossing powder.

I used a combination of the green and gold sprays from the Mardi Gras Starburst Stains.  First for the scrunch technique on the bottom panel of the card....

...and also on another piece that I made using the dry paper stipple technique.

Sorry, the photos aren't brilliant but I'm sure you get the idea.

I managed to record and watch the show and at first cringed when I saw my grumpy looking face and all that giggling I did!!  And, why oh why didn't I take up the offer of a stool to sit on?  Thank goodness for the counter, I was leaning on it for support by the end of the show!   I've seen the funny side of it and I'm glad I didn't cancel the show now as I nearly did.  You have to laugh about these things don't you!!!  We certainly had a fun time during the show even if my face didn't look it:)  I'm hoping I can do another show with Leonie when I'm on better form!

Thank you very much for all your comments, my back is a little better now, I'm hoping, if I'm sensible, it will be much better by Wednesday.  Things were looking hopeful for all being back to normal for the next show then someone mentioned snow on Wednesday... Please... No more snow...

Well, another busy day today, still more prep to do for Wednesday's show amongst other things, so I'd better get on...

I will be back with more tomorrow.

Thanks again.



  1. Gorgeous card Jill,
    I'm just about to watch the show - really looking forward to it

  2. Love all the cards for the show Jill which sadly I missed due to being at work! Love the stamps!

  3. A lovely card Jill ... I missed the show ... hopefully catch a repeat X

  4. Gorgeous easel card Jill, like you, I was hoping you would get to demo it. You didn't look grumpy to me and you and Leonie worked so well together.
    Have watched it again and OOOOOOOOOOOOO my email was read out. Fame at last LOL
    Christine xx

  5. My fav embossing powder and you've showed it of beeeeautifully! The midnight colours are really something else arent they, I hate using boring black now.
    Lovely work Jill, looks like wood :D


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