Monday, 11 January 2010

New Create and Craft show, Sat, 16th January at 11am

I've not posted recently as I've been busy preparing for our next Create and Craft TV show on Saturday.  They asked me to do a technique show, to include my Moonglow DVD.  So I'm heading back down south on Friday in readiness for Saturdays show at 11am.

My fingers and toes are crossed that the weather will be OK by then as I'm a real wimp in this weather.  We live in a village that is very high up over the town and the roads and hill up to and in the village have been awful.  Woke up this morning to more snow that had fallen overnight, I was surprised at how much we have had again.  At least it is getting warmer though.

Ian despairs of me even as a passenger, I am dreading the thought of driving such a long distance and may even opt out and take the train, which won't work with other planned things while I'm down there. 

I used to be OK about driving in snowy icy conditions but since I had an accident years ago, I find it very scary.  Luckily I wasn't badly hurt in the actual accident, but I will never forget that lamp post or the drive home after hitting it!!!  So, please do take care if you have to go out in this weather.

ANYWAY... Saturday's show will feature my lovely jubbly favourite Moonglow products, a jamboree bag of lovely stuff which is the sampler kit.  Plus, it will include a set I haven't shown before on Create and Craft, although some people will have seen me using it at shows, and getting very messy with it, if I recall correctly!  Sid, this is the last one I demo'd at Port Sunlight, yes that was me with the mucky hands:) 

We have LOTS of stamps sheets in the show too, after I planned it I realised it is going to be a mega pile of cards on the counter to show you, they are all made with certain products on the show or those shown in the DVD.  There's also some Joanna Sheen CD images combined with Moonglow background papers on the DVD as well as stamping. 

I'm really getting into combining Moonglow with decoupage again... I've been decoupaging a lot over the christmas hols.

I'm also getting ready for a live show on Wednesday 20th January, so sorry for being quiet at the moment.  Once the shows are over I'm sure I'll be back waffling on again!!

I hope you are all keeping safe, warm and well during this cold spell, I'll be very glad when it all thaws and gets back to easier temperatures



  1. Sounds great Jill - hope I get chance to watch.
    Ann xxx

  2. It's all thawing here, no snow left on trees, just a steady drip, drip, drip now and lots of mush everywhere!!
    Take whichever route makes you feel the most comfortable Jill!!! Nothing worse than feeling stressed on such a long journey!!

  3. Hi Jill,
    I have the 16th firmly etched on my calendar and can't wait to see what delights you wil be bringing us.
    I have your Moonglow DVD and it is inspirational.
    Have a safe journey which ever route you travel.
    Christine xx

  4. Hi Jill

    Firstly, just to say I received my blog candy, thank you so much. Not had time for a play yet, but it's sitting on my desk waiting.

    We live down in the Fens near Peterborough and the roads are much better that they were. The snow had been receing fast the last couple of days so it should all be cleared by the time you journey down here.

    Looking forward to the programme, but will have to record it as I'm in Peterborugh all weekend as well.

    B x

  5. Many thanks for your comments, I'm feeling a bit better about the journey now as it looks as if it will be warmer by the weekend. We had more snow last night and have had some flurries again today but not as bad as it has been.

    Jill x

  6. Hi Jill - looking forward to watching you on C&C, for more inspiration (which I badly need)! We have had more snow today here in Leeds 19, but I'm glad to hear that the weekend is going to be warmer! Have a good journey.
    Sylvia xxx

  7. Safe journey! Looking forward to seeing the show.


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