Saturday, 2 January 2010

Handmade Christmas Gifts

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We had lovely Christmas presents again this year, and as you may have noticed recently, my photos on here have been a lot better, I got a new camera from Ian! xxx I did get it early, so it wasn't a surprise, I think Ian wanted to put me out of my misery asap!

There were a couple of extra Christmas presents that Ian and I received. Both handmade by his son Richard. He'd phoned me before Christmas asking if I knew how much water to put in plaster of paris, ummm, I googled it for him and phoned him back.  When I asked why he wanted to know he just said that he and Craig had found some moulds to make some pots.

Well, he got the mix right but the mould he used didn't hold its round shape while drying, result... this lovely little misshaped peter rabbit pot!

We did laugh about his little pot as he'd written Beswick on the bottom and signed it!

With a little chistling away he managed to make the lid fit, he painted it, very well I have to say... and it's all varnished too!

Well, this is one very special little pot that I will treasure!!! His brother made one too, but we didn't even get to see his. I gather they both enjoyed their time making them though!

Ian's handmade present from Richard was a canvas painted with Japanese Garden Starburst Stains, that was part of his Christmas present from us (along with some wax and other stuff). Richard is into dabbling with art and craft but as he isn't at home at the moment he didn't have any other art materials to use on it so, I will take on the challenge to add more to it to finish it off for Ian. We were really impressed at how his first piece worked out and the theme he developed for the basis, he even used the cling film technique!! I'll show you when it's finished.

I hope you are all having a good start to the New Year!



  1. What a fab gift, it couldn't be beaten at all!

    Keryn :D

  2. Fabulous gift and extra special as it was made with love.
    Christine xxx

  3. Love the Beswick stamp !! Still also love the's great !

  4. oh, SO cute! what a great little keepsake!

  5. Happy New Year Jill!!! And Ian!
    LOVE this little pot. It's cuter with being a bit cockeyed!!

  6. That was my very first craft! He needs to support them around the sides so hang it into a snug fitting mug or something similar. Havent got my moulds anymore, ex who shall not be mentionned threw them out when I left him :D

    Its a really enjoyable hobby (if youre patient enough to let them dry lol!) so may he have lots more fun!

  7. A lovely gift Jill!
    Happy New Year
    x Michelle

  8. I have been a devoted lover of Beatrix Potter for so long and I even did my daughter's nursery i Peter Rabbit...of course, THAT was 25 years ago!

    Love your little pot and I hope you have a fabulous new year!


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