Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Good Old Days!

Who have we here then?

I found them the other day and thought you might like a look, they were taken for fun quite a few years ago, (um not THAT long ago I wish to add, though we do look younger in the photos!) They were taken at The Victorian Image in Whitby, not sure if it is still there, but it's one of those places where they velcro the outfits over your own clothes. The costumes are actually Edwardian style rather than Victorian.

The second photo includes my mum and stepdad, taken on another visit. Mum and I had fun choosing our dresses, hats and parasols and that was more to do with the choice of those than the actual American Civil War theme. Mum loves her clothes and had to be reminded that picking a dress and hat by colour wouldn't matter as the photo was going to be sepia, but that didn't spoil our fun choosing.

I remember for the first visit that I was wearing a T-shirt and jeans under all that lot, and it was a very hot day. To help make it authentic we weren't allowed to smile, which on both occasions was very hard to do, people should never say don't smile, it's bound to bring on major belly laughs all round isn't it? Also, Ian had to sit and I had to stand. Blow that, it wouldn't be allowed today, women's rights and such! The giggles were quite bad when all 4 of us were there, it was quite a long job taking that photo!

I used the photos in a craft project once, must get round to using them again sometime.

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  1. Hiya Jill,

    I think that you and Ian both look great - the era suits you!!!

    Kay x

  2. reckon you both look smashing - photos alot better than the ones from Alton Towers.. lol.. All of you look great!

    Love Jo

  3. Dear Jill and I remember that project. Don't think I've still got that mag though. Didn't it involve some paper doilies? Much love BettyXXX

  4. Thanks Kay and Jo,

    It was great to be able to velcro these clothes on, but I wouldn't have been happy to have to dress properly in this attire everyday!

    You'll never ever find me at Alton Towers Jo, let alone see a photo taken on one of those rides, oh... I dread to think!! That wouldn't be fun at all to me, my idea of hell tbh!! I could probably manage a good bit of gurning with an Alton Towers backdrop and a wind machine though!

  5. It did Betty, well remembered! Guess what I did with them... yep, painted the doilies with Moonshadow ink, of course:)

    Jill x

  6. You both look fantastic Jill :)

  7. Love your photo's Jill, you all look stunning.
    Christine xx

  8. Fabulous photos Jill, They really look the bee's knees!
    x Michelle

  9. LOL... I didn't mean the rides.. you must be the same as me then! Cant stand em.. neither can me stomach.. yeuch!

    I meant the photo parlour place they had - had my photo taken years ago when I went with my friend.. I must've been about 13 and had around 6 earrings in my ear - you know, like they would've in the victorian times.. hehe...


  10. These are great photos Jill. It's not just the kids who love dressing up is it, although we don't get the chance very often. This sounds great fun.



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