Thursday, 18 June 2009

Wow, wow, wow!

The cards that Kay made for us with her new stamp designs have arrived and they are gorgeous! The pictures on Kay's blog don't show the layering or the glitters and it really does make them come to life. The colours are lovely. If anyone is coming to the Stamp Magic show in Doncaster on Sunday, please pop by for a look at them, and we will have Debbie's and my cards to show you too.

Been to the vets this evening with Hamish for his annual booster injections, what a bundle of laughs that was!! Talk about disgrace himself, he bucked like a bronco for the whole time he was in there. The young lady vet had to call for back up for the injections, the kennel cough injection was particularly fraught!! It must be scary for them, it must be bad when even bribery with treats doesn't work! Well, we're happily back at home and all calmed down now, you wouldn't believe it was the same dog!!

Spent this afternoon with a mirror and a pile of individual unmounted stamps from a company called River City. I was trying to match up the printouts with the rubber so we can take them to the show on Sunday. The pictures weren't too hard but there are over 100 different wording stamps, not easy! Will have to finish bagging them up tomorrow or Saturday morning.

There are images of people, mainly... shall we say senior citizens... who have loads of different wording stamps to go with them, they are realistic photo type images. Some of the wording is a little OTT, but matched with the right images are really funny. We don't have a lot of each but there are some very different verses, sayings and messages.

More waffle tomorrow!



  1. Jill, I wish I could get to the Dome on Sunday, I am sure you will have a successful day and Kay's stamps will fly off your stand.
    If only you could come to the Midlands LOL
    Christine xx

  2. i bet it was funny watching hamish!!
    Who will be bagging up the stamps tomorrow!!!ha ha
    Yes Kays cards are lovely.look great in real life
    xx debbie xx

  3. I'm coming to the Dome on Sunday, Jill. Can't wait to see the new goodies and the cards which I know will be lovely.

    Lesley Xx

  4. Ps. have you seen the trout.!!ha ha mark's just informed me the fish is a bass because of the big mouth!!!typical
    .......but then he said the colouring is of a trout!!thankyou dear!!
    debbie xx

  5. oh poor hamish.. mine don't like the Kennel Cough ones either.. bless.

    I'm definatley coming to the show, so will come and stalk.. I mean find.. you LOL. will be lovely to meet up in person me thinks..

    see you then! And I bet Kay's cards are beautiful too.. they always are!

  6. Thanks for your comments. Sorry we won't see you on Sunday Christine, maybe we will meet up somewhere another time.

    Looking forward to meeting Lesley and Jo, or anyone else who is following or reading our blog, please do come and stalk, say hello, or whatever!

    Bass or trout, your fish still looks great Debbie!



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