Friday, 26 June 2009

Kay Carley, Craft Stamper Mag, Free Stamp!!

Debbie has just emailed me this photo that she has mentioned this evening in her blog. She put a link from hers to ours. So, welcome if you have popped across from Debbie's blog and have been waiting to find out was it is she is talking about! Debbie's family have had to wait for their dinner while she organised the photo, sorry all!!

Debbie phoned me earlier to say I have to mention it tonight now, you are a star Debbie!! As you've probably gathered, Debbie gets quite excited about her Craft Stamper mag arriving!

As you can see in the photo, the cover stamp is from The Stamp Man, well in fact it is from Kay Carley! You may remember Kay mentioning this on her blog a while ago. As well as being a lovely stamp on it's own, it will also co-ordinate with Kay's Flitter Flutter stamp sheet, found here.

From what I can gather from an excited phone call from Debbie is that Kay and Katy (the Editor) have made cards with the stamp to give inspiration for the stamp design. I haven't got a copy yet and Kay probably doesn't even know it has been sent out to subscribers either! Kay will probably tell you more about it when she has received her copy.

So well done Kay and thank you for working on this, and also to katy for the opportunity, I cannot wait to get my copy!



  1. Jill, I guessed correctly after reading Debbie's post, I am excited now, off to our local paper shop tomorrow to pick up a copy.
    I have been 'naughty' again, but that is another story LOL
    Christine xx

  2. How fab!! It's a lovely dragonfly. I really must subscribe, another week is far too long to wait ;)

  3. Hee Hee after making my starved family and hubby(who of course looks starved!!!)wait for me while i phoned Jill to tell her i had my Craft Stamper-plus i must add i was VERY shocked because it was earlier than normal wait for their tea-I couldnt wait to tell Jill it had come and had put a link on mine to hers and i was done first,so had to phone her to hurry up!!!PHEW (dont think i got that!!ha ha

  4. not due out for another week - usually the first Friday of each month. Maybe subscribers get theirs early.
    looking forward to seeing this month's.

    Ann xxx

  5. I can't wait to get a copy now.
    Clare x

  6. Thanks for both you and Debbie letting me know Jill. I have posted up a sneaky peek of one of my makes on my blog this morning!

    Kay x

  7. The stamp is FANTASTIC Jill and Kay! I cant wait to have a play and hope its one of the first things I do when my Mojo returns from its hols!

  8. Also got my copy yesterday morning. Just hopped over to say great stamp, love it and thank you.
    Hope yo all have a good weekend. Lynne xx


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