Friday, 12 June 2009

Janet's Tag Book & HSNW

Starburst Stain Tag Books
Janet (W) recently attended this workshop and has kindly scanned the book for us. Apparently she has another on the go too. Lovely colours! We used the French Country Starburst Stain set and stamps from all 3 of Kay's new stamp sheets. The images were embossed with detail white embossing powder. The cover, with the large flowers in the third picture is anaglypta wallpaper that has been stained, it resists and gives a lovely textured effect. The middle flower was also punched from the wallpaper. The book is made with the large scalloped tag Sizzix die. Thanks for letting us look Janet.

HSNW Stamping Group

I did mention earlier this week that I would mention what this group is celebrating this year, and celebrate they should...

Way back, a group of ladies were attending a workshop by Caroline Rawcliffe, the words ..... "perhaps we could start a club" were spoken and there it was, a challenge for them. In August 1995 the first meeting took place in the home of one of the ladies and they have met monthly since November 1995. They held a competition for the club name and have been growing ever since. Larger premises were needed to accommodate all the members and after the 2nd move, they had to cap the number of members to 60.

As there was a lack of shows in the area at the time, in 1998 they decided to organise one of their own which was attended by 12 retailers initially and 500 shoppers. By 1999 it had grown and such was its popularity 2 shows were held a year, in the Spring and Autumn.

As a retailer attending the shows I can vouch that these shows are well organised and have such a lovely atmosphere. It is obvious that all members, not just the committee, get involved helping to make it the success that it is. Their hard work is so worthwhile.

This is not an advert to gain them more members or to help sell tickets for their shows as they are their own advert. Club membership is full, there is a waiting list for exhibitor show stands and, they had to go ticket only for the shows a few years ago as too many people wanted to visit.

I wanted to give brief details of what they have successfully achieved, and thank the group for all the support they have given us retailers over the years. I'm sure that everyone whether a member, shopper or retailer appreciates it. It is a shining example of what a group of crafters can achieve with a stamping group.

After all their meetings and 20 shows in 10 years under their belts, I hope that they continue to thrive along with other groups like them around the country.

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  1. the tag book is REALLY lovely. i love the embossed flower swirl by the cuttlebug on the stains.Cant wait now until we get them in Jill.When are they coming Jill!!!Hope its one of the days im there!!hee hee

  2. I agree, this is really, really lovely. The french country colours are delicious. The white embossing looks really good too, I must give this a go.


  3. WOW these are gorgeous!

  4. Calm down dear, the order is on it's way, I thought you'd like that one so I ordered one for you:) I actually ordered quite a few for you!! Tee hee;)

    Janet mentioned it was hard to scan the book as it is so 3D, I bet it was! The colours were lighter in real life, the white embossing certainly stands out and is a lovely contrast. Well done and thanks Janet.

    Jill x

  5. Its absolutely gorgeous,
    Love the colours,


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