Monday, 15 June 2009


We have had some packs of tiny puzzle pieces in the shop for a while now and occasionally someone asks if they are proper jigsaws that you can make. Well, at a workshop about a month ago a lady called Jill (you know who you are!) asked. When she returned for another workshop the following week she said she had made a completed picture from the pack she bought and it was a nice picture, I'm sure it was of a wild animal, tiger or something.

Well, Brenda a local customer called into the shop and asked about them, I told her about Jill's puzzle so she took one to try. and here it is made into a card. Brenda now has more of the packs. There are no pictures on the packs to follow, they just look different colour combinations and when completed they are about 6" x 4". There are 180 pieces for £1.95, they are here in our shop.

Well done for giving them a go, it must have been fiddly to do, I cannot believe your patience ladies!

I've just added them as embellishments so far, I've coloured them with Adirondack acrylic paints to co-ordinate with projects but I'm thinking that if you made one up and didn't want to keep the picture as it is, you could paint the whole puzzle and then stamp your own image. Perhaps worth a try if you have the time and patience!!


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  1. Wow - what patience, more than me that's for sure lol!!



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