Sunday, 21 June 2009

Stamp Magic Show

Had a great day today at the show, I got nice and messy demonstrating, just as I like it! It was lovely to meet everyone too, and I gather from customers that they enjoyed the show and said there was a good mix of things there, which was good for everyone. There is another Stamp Magic show in October, if you live anywhere near enough to travel to Doncaster, it would definitely be worth a visit to the next show. There was such a nice atmosphere all day, it was busy, but there was still plenty of room to move around.

Only a short post tonight as I'm shattered but it was all worth it as I thoroughly enjoyed today.

Thank you for your help Caroline:)



  1. Glad you've had a great weekend Jill, the show sounds fab.
    I've left you a little something on my blog.


  2. it was great to see you Jill.. glad you had a great day. I got off just after four, but did manage to purchase a few things before I left.. lol..

    Glad you got home okay too.

    Love Jo x

  3. It was a great day!
    Looking forward to the next one already - better get saving up now, especially after yesterday!
    Keep well

  4. Sounds like you and everyone who attended the show had a fabulous time.
    Maybe next time.
    Christine xx


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