Monday, 14 December 2009

Another christmas card

I managed to get a few more cards finished yesterday, plus got our tree up!  The tree decorating started out to be a fun exercise as Hamish was leaping over everything.  He had to leave the room in the end otherwise it would never have got finished!  I'm hoping he behaves with it and doesn't think the ornaments are balls to play with!  He was very good last year and didn't touch it and he has been told to leave it, so far he has:) 

I don't think we'll risk putting any presents under until Christmas morning, just in case.  Our last dog must have got upset one day, I think someone must have come to the house and upset her as for some reason she attacked the presents, which she had never touched in previous years.  We came home to a living room covered completely in little bits of wrapping paper, Barbies with chewed legs etc.  Just picture the scene!  So not taking any chances with Hamish!!

Like most pet owners, Hamish will have his own presents but these will be smuggled in and put away to avoid temptation:)

I'm really starting to get in the Christmas mood now, especially after reading all your comments about what Christmas means to you in our blog candy giveaway no.3.  Thank you so much for adding your thoughts there, it has been lovely reading them all so far.  If you haven't entered yet, please see the sidebar---->

Anyway, today's card is another variation of my poinsettia/easel card theme this year.   Here's the card when it is closed.

I hope you are all getting on well with your Christmas preparations and not getting too stressed with it all.



  1. How lovely are these colors!

    Hoping to start on a few of my 'last minute' cards tonight! Thanks for inspiring me, Jill!

  2. This is outstanding,
    Such inspiration, thank you for sharing,

  3. gorgeous again jill.soo lush.
    one question-how come you had chewed barbies legs?who were they for????lol im curious!!
    debbie xx

  4. Thanks for your comments Julie, Angie and Debbie!

    Umm, Ian's granddaughters Debbie, who did you think they were for???? haha!!

  5. These are really lovely Jill. Everyone's into their easel cards this year.
    The chewed Barbies and a heap of paper is a great image, I bet he was popular, not!!
    We have two cats and last year the tree kept swinging alarmingly as one or the other got to the top, thankfully they don't seem as interested this year.
    All cards written and stamped tonight-hurray!!!!


  6. Gorgeous card, Jill! Serves Barbie right for having such long legs!!! I'm with the dog!

  7. Pets, oh what fun they are! I made her sound really vicious but she was a big softy golden retriever! She probably started by finding a 'present' for whoever was at the door as she was always doing this, and usual found one of her own toys. She must have got carried away when she found all that stuff under the tree, oh what fun ripping all that paper off! Bless her:)

    Let is be a warning!

  8. We can't put pressies under the tree either! They go under on Christmas Eve night and Gyp is shut out of the room - a big job that just can't be done for more than one night!!! We have to keep him away as he can smell chocolate through the paper . He ate an expensive chocolate shoe last year that a friend had bought me - I had to pretend it was lovely, I didn't like to admit the dog had had it!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

  9. Oh dear Sarah, and chocolate's not good for dogs:( For more than one reason!

    Sarah, if you revisit here, please could you email me, I can't find your email address and I need to email you about something! Thanks me dear x


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