Friday, 18 December 2009

Traditional red and green easel cards with small square panels

Yes, more poinsettia cards, this time with more traditional Christmas colours.  Instead of making the extra front panel the same size as the card I have made the square smaller, both feature plenty of scrunch paper backgrounds.  If you have missed me mentioning them before, they are made from Starburst Stains and copier paper.  You will be able to see me doing this (again) on the telly (Create and Craft) on 16th January, Sky 671 or Freeview 36 if you have them. 

They have asked me to go back for a technique show and I'll also have the DVD I made with Moonglow products on the show, so I hope you can watch that especially if you haven't seen me doing all this stuff before. 

I used the Starburst Stains Holiday Wreath set for both of these cards, although I think a piece of scrunch from a different set with a paler green slipped in on the top card.

I am posting late tonight or is it early for today?  I am up late as I have been watching the snow falling again, it fell heavily earlier this evening and settled, even on the road.  Hamish loved playing in the garden earlier and came in with snow stuck to him, he had a cute white lump of snow on his nose where he'd been sniffing about and had scouped it up!  I guess we're going to be snowball throwing again tomorrow!

I do love watching it fall and the great scenery and peacefulness it seems to bring but don't like the fact that we are probably not likely to get out of the village until later tomorrow!

As you know we are based in Yorkshire and we do get our fair share of snow, we also live in a little village very high up so when we get it, it stays.  We left the car at the bottom of the drive this evening, at least we won't have to slide down that tomorrow!  It looks like the salt Ian put down on the drive this evening isn't going to help much, so I'm glad the car is on the road!

I'm just hoping it clears before Saturday as we have a workshop and I'm looking forward to playing with the Starburst Stains and Moonshadow inks with the ladies that are booked to attend!

This first falling of snow has been nice to get us in the mood for Christmas, we only want a little taster for now though!  It would be better if it just cleared up for the next week so we can all get our Christmas shopping done and then it would be lovely if it could snow from next Thursday night for a couple of days, so we can all have a wonderful white Christmas to enjoy!  I think we all deserve that this year:)



  1. More gorgeous cards, Jill.
    The snow's lovely isn't it and it's been so sunny today so it's all looked beautiful, although what's thawed has now frozen and it's lethal out there, we've just had a very entertaining walk back from school, all downhill!!!!
    Enjoy your workshops and have a great weekend.


  2. Gorgeous card! Good luck with the show and the snow!


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