Monday, 7 December 2009

Blog hopping and other stuff

Thank you to everyone who hopped by yesterday to take part in the Tuesday Tagger's Blog Hop.  If you didn't join in yesterday, you still can, as it runs through today too, and you still have a great chance of winning some nice prizes!  Scroll down or click on yesterday's post to get all the details about it, where to start etc.  It was a great fun yesterday, so well worth you joining in with it today.  Thank you to all the Tuesday Tagger admin team for organising it, count us in if you want to do it again:)

Today's card is another from last Saturday's Create and Craft TV show.  A whopper, 8" x 8" card. 

It's featuring my all time yummy favourite Moonshadow Inks!  The colours are great and the fact that the mica and walnut ink separate so well never fails to wow me.  I just love them so much.  I used Craft Creations linen white card for this, the Moonshadow Inks LOVE their textured cards!  Their card is great quality, a fab weight and thickness to it, which makes a better quality card.  When you think of the time you spend making a card, spending a little more on good quality card is SO sensible, it really makes a difference. 

Craft Creations also provide a service to cut card to size for you.  I've been using their service for this for well over 20 years now, even before Ian and I got together and started The Stamp Man.   

Sorry, digressing...  

When I received my first jars of Moonshadow Ink to try, I was very nervous about using them, I hadn't a clue what to do with them apart from the instructions about adding hot water to the fill line!  I spoke to Lindy who developed them and she suggested I give a piece of card a wash of the ink and then add some salt....  Ummm....

Well, I gave it a try and have been totally hooked ever since!

On last Saturday's show, Nigel waggled the card around so you could see the difference when you move the card, he really showed the brown look from the walnut ink and the stunning green shimmer from the mica.  Good lad!! 

When you add salt to the inks, well, special stuff happens, the salt draws up the ink, as in silk painting, leaving lovely flower like patterns as in this example of rock/course salt

Here's the same idea with Buccaner Bay Blue, oh, so, fab, wish you could really see this one!

And, aged pitted vintage style patterns with normal table salt.

OH, ....Love it, love it, love it!  Lots of yummy mica in these jars!!

I also painted the bling maiden's hair with the same Moonshadow Inks. 

You cannot see in this photo but her hair really shimmers too!

Oh, I had to share this piece too, Violaceous Violet Moonshadow Ink with the cling film technique same idea as yesterday's post, but with Moonshadow Inks!

All yummy, yum, yum, yumminess!!

I started making my Christmas cards yesterday, 'twas quite a frenzy!  Lots of elements made for them so far, but no actual finished cards just yet, although 4 almost sort of done:)  I had better get a move on with them...

Thanks for stopping by, and for leaving all your comments. 



  1. VERY VERY YUMMY JILL!!!!! lol
    I just love this card and after seeing in real life it's even better folks!
    Thanks to Jill I have entered the wonderful world of the blog, there are some very talented ladies out there, that includes you Jill!

    Lots of love
    Tracey xx

  2. I've not even started my cards yet Jill, how bad is that! Still playing catch up on birthday cards. Hoping to have a play day on Thurs though so should get some made then :)

  3. Fantastic card, love the colouring- wish i had seen your show - will it be on again?

  4. Hi Jill, what a fabulous post, while I was reading through I could here and see your enthusiasm for this technique. Lovely stamps from Tracey, they work so well with Moonshadow Inks. Guess you know that I LOVE this card.
    Love & Hugs
    Christine xx

  5. Simply stunning card, beautiful. Thanks for sharing the stain technique, you make it look so easy. It's the mess of the paint thats scares me! lol

    Keryn :D

  6. really stunning card Jill.
    i got my Butterfly Beauties yesterday and am thrilled with them. They are stunning am off now to make a card that i can put on my blog woo hoo.
    Hugs Lindsey


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