Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Wooden Poinsettia Chocolate Box and Blog Candy Winners

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the blog candy!  A nice extra Christmas pressie for you all is coming your way.  Ann, Kym and Pauline have all claimed their prizes now, they have each picked a different sheet, but I know they will be happy with them as they are all great stamp sheets!


This is the finished box that I started painting on our last Create and Craft TV show.  I think I painted the lid on camera, then quickly painted the rest while Nigel nipped up the counter to Tracey.  It dried very quickly so I just left it perching on top of my bag when I left the studio.

I painted it with Moonshadow Ink Burnished Brass.  The ink seeps straight into the wood so it is easy peasy to paint wood with, no worrying about brush marks.  If you want it to be a darker shade you just give it another coat (a bit like staining the garden furniture).  You can see by the other box in the picture that it started as quite light coloured wood.  I only gave it the one coat.  I didn't varnish it but if you want to make it a bit more hard wearing then any waterbased varnish will do.

I used the Poinsettia and Labels 5 Nestabilites along with Cuttlebug folders to give patterns to the card pieces that were not made with the paper scrunch technique.  I used card with different techniques so they would have more texture when they were layered.   I shaped the leaves of the card poinsettias.  The 3 yellow brads keep them together.

The stamp is from Tracey's Butterfly Beauties stamp sheet, useful at Christmas too!

I'm going to get some nice chocolates and give the box to Ian for Christmas (shush).

If I have time I'd like to make some gift tags and gift embellishments with the poinsettias too.  In fact I can see me dotting them all over the place!  I can embellish some napkin rings with them, the fruit bowl, candles, table, tree....Oh dear, just thought of something else too, shame there are not many days left to do it all now!

I hope you are not getting too stressed with your preparations, I just ate those chocolates in the photo, and it really helped:)

Keep warm!



  1. Good morning Jill, your box looks delicious, really good enough to eat LOL.
    You have spoilt the surprise for Ian though.
    Congrats to the lucky winners of your Blog Candy.

    PS, Plaster is off, yipeeeeee

  2. This box is absolutely gorgeous,
    If I received this I wouldn't worry what was inside,
    Glad you enjoyed the sweets,
    Have a wonderful christmas and a even better new year to you all.

  3. Congratulations to the winners of the blog candy. Jill, that box is stunning, love all the flowers you are making, they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Nicola x

  4. I'm very stressed Jill and I like you I keep thinking oh I could do that and that and really I'm running out of time.

    I really must file your poinsetta ideas for next year as they are just gorgeous.

    Hope you have a fabbie Christmas.

    Ann xxx

  5. your going poinsettia crazy and im snowflake mad!!!gorgeous-bet the box looks lovely with the just hoping we have a white christmas this year
    debbie xxx

  6. Gosh your box is stunning, its just so beautiful! Im so glad that Ive seen how the nesties poinsettias turn out, I would never have thought they could look so good! I may just have to add thto next years wish list.
    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous crafts.
    Keryn x


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