Wednesday, 30 December 2009

UPDATE: The Stamp Man Blog Hop and Awards

Well, we've reached the middle of this event and I have to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has taken part so far, I'm personally overwhelmed at the effort you have all put into making this such a fun and inspirational time!

The ladies you visited on the blog hop happily took on my idea when they must have been frantically trying to organise their own Christmas arrangements. They humoured me, I'm sure, as it probably seemed a very confusing concept and quite a challenge when I first asked them to be part of it!! I'm very grateful to all of them, great job you lot:)

Plus, they also had to choose their best/favourite work of the year too when everyone else was wondering what else they needed to do for Christmas finishing touches! They are all true stars, as you've probably seen, they had lots of great work to choose from so not an easy decision. But they made it and it has been brilliant seeing their work again, I've hopped along it fully 3 times in the right order and been back to each one many times to read the comments you've left them!

We've had lots of international visitors too, fantastic!!

The Awards
Apart from the blog hop we had arranged, we have a whole new whopping great blog hop developing over on the awards post! Have you hopped around that one yet? If not, do so, it's brilliant!!

Thanks to you all it's actually become a much bigger blog hop than the one I first started. I'm sure it'll take you to all sorts of places for inspiration to get your 2010 crafting off to a brilliant start. There are so many new great blogs to visit, blogs to start following, challenges to take part in and new friends to be made. It's become an index of a whole new library of ideas. Fabulous... It's going to take me time, but I'm going to visit all the blogs of the people who left comments on the main blog hop eventually too, phew, almost 100 comments there now!

Do leave comments as you travel through the blogs you visit for the awards as I'm sure they will all be really appreciated and so encouraging. It will also enable people to visit you back sometime too!

Thanks to all of you that have taken the time to share your favourite work with us. Honestly, it has been amazing going down that list visiting your blogs!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, it's been a fantastic, and it was great receiving all the lovely comments in your answer emails too:)

Some emails have been about the anagrams... I'll let you know the prize anagram answers when we've finished this. I do hope Brenda and her family and friends will eventually forgive me, they were hard, impossible for non crafters I'm sure!!! Way to go Brenda... keep them amused while you cook, tee hee! Have you revealed the answers yet or are they still working it out?

Please, if you haven't joined in yet, don't be shy, don't just lurk, join us and have some fun, leave comments, show and tell your favourite projects! No-one bites:)

Happy New Year!!

PS: In case any of you are wondering, so far, you've all got the blog hop answer right. Not one wrong answer!
Please scroll down to the next posts for the blog hop and awards instructions


  1. Congratulations Jill on a very successful hop! It has been so much fun to go literally around the world to see what people have done throughout the year!

    Here's to a successful year of 2010...whatever that may be!

  2. Thanks for mentioning it on your blog Julie and for taking part in the hop and awards.

    Hopefully 2010 will be a better year for a lot of people!

  3. Wow, it has been a fun Blog Hop...I appreciate all of your wonderful comments on my blog. Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Hi Jill, just to say I've really enjoyed being part of this brilliant hop. I've been amazed by all the outstanding projects on all the blogs I've managed to visit.Just off now to get up to date.
    Pat xx

  5. Congratulations, Jill! It has been wonderful fun at the right time of year! Happy New Year x

  6. Hi Jill, just to say a quick thanks for the blog hop as I really enjoyed looking at the hoppers blogs as the artwork was so varied and inspirational.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed it too.
    Happy New Year, Fliss x

  7. This has been one of the funnest blog hops I have ver traveled through!! All of the art work has been just fantastic and all of the blogs have been creativer and interesting!! Thank you for this fun end of the year hop!
    Queen La Rubba

  8. It's an honour to be involved in your blog hop Jill!!! And very rewarding I have to say :) I've never had so many comments!! It's also fantastic to go and look at the blogs of people who've chosen their best craft project of the year. It was an inspired way of getting us to see lots of different blogs!!
    Happy New Year xx

  9. Hi Jill. Like Sarah, I was very honoured to be asked to be a hostess for the hop. It's been the most brilliant fun. I've had loads of wonderful comments and some lovely new followers. I was a bit apprehensive when you first asked if I'd take part, having never done anything like it before! However, with your comprehensive instructions I couldn't really go wrong. So a big thank you to you, and congratulations on the success of the hop. That it has worked so well is down to your enthusiasm, organisation and inspiration. All the best for 2010. xx

  10. Just wanted to add my thanks for the blog hop, I have added so many blogs to my list of subscriptions I know I will never be short of inspiration again.

  11. Thanks for the blog hop - it was fun and so much nicer than a lot of them because I actually know you and I know Sarah.
    Almost 100 comments is some achievement.

  12. Hi Jill
    Thank you for organising such an enjoyable blog-hop and Award Ceremony. I have loved taking part and visiting the other "hoppers", and have also found lots of inspiration and new blogging friends on the way. It's been absolutely brilliant.
    Wishing you a very happy and successful 2010.
    Sylvia xxx

  13. Hi Jill, I have to agree with you about this Blog hop and award, it's been fantastic...
    So different from the norm...
    Everyone has been buzzing round to see each other's work, it's been a real come together.
    I have found so many new and wonderful blog's, and seen all their favourite project's, it's been an inspiring...
    And I have had some lovely comment's on my own favourite project too.
    This blog hop has been a real hit, so thank you Jill and the gang for organizing it and giving us this great award....

    I did wonder if the anagram was a tricky one, and not what I thought the have put me out of my misery thank's.

    And thank's for becoming a follower too, I have had a few other's since the Blog hop, Cheer's you have really brought a lot of crafter's together....

    Well there are still a couple of day's to go, so I intend to keep hopping around to see everyones creation's.....

    Happy New Year

  14. Hi Jill
    Hope you and Ian have had a lovely christmas and have managed a rest.
    Well what can i say about the blog hop.Its been fantastic.Thanks for letting me take part in it as a hostess.I was shocked to see how many comments we have all had.When I get a mimute im going to go back and browse at everybodies blogs.
    and.... it all went smoothly.It was just great and a BIG WELL DONE to you for organising it all.
    Thankyou again xxxxx
    see you both in the new year.
    Debbie xx
    ps thanks for your goodies I love them.Havent played yet but will do soon and the kids love theirs too.xxxhope your slippers fit and the b&q king likes his voucher!!!!lol

  15. I have just completed the Blog Hop and will email the word to you soon!
    That was a great blog hop, and I have come away from it with lots of ideas and inspiration! I am following even more blogs now!
    Thanks again!

  16. Hi Jill,
    Just wanted to thankyou for asking me to be a hostess for your Blog Hop. It is an honour, although at first I didn't think I would manage to do it. I have received so many comments from around the world and gained new followers, all done to you.
    Everything has gone smoothly and I have loved visting all of the blogs even if in a hurry. I will certainly be going back to read them all at leisure.
    I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and send you and Ian everything you would wish for in 2010.
    Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year to you both.
    Love & Hugs
    Christine xx

  17. Thank you so much Christine for letting us know about the blog hop. I've never done one before and it was great fun! Whens the next one????? hehe Happy New Year to all love Elizabeth xxx

  18. I have just finished the blog hop now off to send you an email.


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