Sunday, 25 April 2010

Another fantastic demo day!

It was Leonie Pujol and Jill Boulton's turn to demo today. Here's Leonie 'from the telly' getting VERY messy with Distress Inks, Moonglow Embossing Powders, Starburst Stains and all sorts of stuff!

And here's Jill Boulton, demonstrating metal embossing, oops Tracey's got hooked on it now:)  But she was certainly not alone!  And, our Helen looked mesmerised by it throughout the day. 

Jill's work with metal and all the Ranger products is out of this world, Jill incorporated a number of products with the metal work.  I love it when she brings the artwork she has made for us to see, its awesome, I could look at it all day, every day.  It's all very textured, you want to touch it as well as admire it.

Let's see what Leonie is up to in the other room... Yeap, still getting messy, she did some fab techniques with all the bits and bobs I'd left for her to play with on the table.  She was using Tracey's Alluring Ladies and Artistic Element stamp sheets. 

Leonie bought Moonglow embossing powders from us YEARS ago when we first started selling them, it must be about 8/9/10 ish years ago now?  So I knew she'd get on brilliantly with them.

Would it be cruel to mention the embossed 'scab' design you made Leonie?  That was soooooo funny, it needs a mention!!!  Wish I'd taken a photo of it to share:)  I'm sure Carol will make something nice with it, put it to better use:)  I'm sure too that we all make embossed scabs sometime, but only you could do it with an audience, lol, and it had to happen with abattoir colours didn't it!!  How funny too that Carol wanted to take your bin home with her, your hidden treasures and mine from yesterday:)   I hope she didn't do that!! 

You should have seen the colour of Leonie's hands at the end of the day, oh dear, not a good look when you're heading off out to dinner straight after:) 

I thought we could have a messy contest to see who made the most mess, it would have been funny if I started at one end of the shop and Leonie the other and see who reached the other's half of the shop first! 

I had a small table at the front of the shop today to demonstrate Tim's new dies for people interested in seeing them in action,  you should have seen the mess I made on that little table, no photo proof though, sorry!  If I hadn't tried to be a bit restrained, the cut out pieces could well have spread through the length of the shop like Tim confetti, especially the letters and numbers from Tim's Vintage Market alphabet and number die, I had quite an alphabet soup going with all the different papers I had cut them from!! 

I will show you some of the bits and pieces I've cut with Tim's dies when they are in a more orderly order:)  I have to admit to getting far too excited when I got them all and went a tad mad on a cutting out frenzy, I'm sure you'll understand why:)

Now then...

Leonie looks to be going ummmm in this photo!  Probably at the lovely demo pieces she made.  She has left them behind for me to make them into cards, a challenge for me from Leonie!  So watch this space.

Back to Jill Boulton, Jill's embossed metal work is brilliant, if you couldn't visit today and fancy trying this then Jill has a workshop with us on 15th May, if you wish to attend, you can book HERE or telephone the shop on 01756 797048.  I've been on this course with Jill when she held this with us before and I really enjoyed it, I learnt lots more techniques.

We are now going to hold our workshops in the newly made room so we can have larger groups for workshops now, the bonus is that it is warmer in there too. 

Watch this space for news of other stuff happening in the new space we've made!

Back to Leonie, deep in chatter...  It was lovely to see her having a chance to catch up with some of her old friends, she was really looking forward to that.

And finally, the day ends...It's been a great time, a whole weekend of inspiration, messiness and play, catching up with each other, lots of fun and laughter, and we've all agreed to do it again.  

Thank you to everyone who visited us over the weekend, also thanks to Leonie, Tracey, Jill and Vix who demonstrated plus all who helped us, I hope you can all join us again for the next one!!
Well, it's ended up being a VERY VERY late post tonight as I nodded off mid post, I didn't mean to, but just did.  Time for bed properly now.
I'll show photos of some of the things we made asap.


  1. It certainly was a fun packed day Jill - as was the whole weekend no wonder you were shattered! I loved meeting Tracey at last and also chatting to Jill again - missed meeting Vix but Im sure I will catch up when you do its all again!!!!!

  2. Another wonderful day packed with excellent demo's, tips, info and FUN! Just the therapy I needed, as good as a mini holiday :-)

    It was lovely to meet you all and to have the opportunity to see such informative, inspiring demos by the experts, time flew!

    Thank you again, really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into arranging and running the weekend.

    Susan x

  3. It sounds from reading your post Jill and the one from Tracey that everyone had a fantastic weekend.
    I hope you will have more of them so hopefully when we are your way, I will be able to attend.
    Looking forward to seeing more photos.
    Christine xx

  4. Thanks for a great weekend, enjoyed both Saturday and Sunday, it was lovely to meet Leonie and to share time with likeminded people. Can't wait for the next demo weekend :-)

  5. Hi Jill, really enjoyed my visit on Sunday, hopefully be able to visit again soon! I've just blogged my photo with the lovely Leonie! Here Thanks again. Sheils xxx


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