Friday, 16 April 2010

Tim's new Sizzlits Decorative Strip Dies

For my next installment of temptation-ness, it's the Sizzlits Decorative Strip Dies, and they tempted me:)

There is Vintage Mark

Filmstrip Frames

And finally Ticket Strips.

My mind is mulling over some ideas, Debbie called in the shop today and we had a chat about how they could be used.  They are quite long and thinner than the other dies, as I've not tried them yet I'm not sure of which plates you will need but I'll let you know. 

The alphabet has numbers too, add photos or stamped designs within the film frames and make your own tickets, all so useful! 

I've had people asking for stamps they can use with children at school to make tokens for free treats for their parents/grandparents ie, one for washing up, making the beds, hoovering, washing the car etc.

Caroline (yes YOU if you are reading this!), sent me a Birthday card years ago with tokens inside.  They were for a day out together, each token had its own 'gift', which were being taken out for the day, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea and cake etc.  If was such a thoughtful present and I was so thrilled with it, we had a fab day out.  Isn't that a great idea!!  The ticket strip die would be perfect for this kind of thing. 

I'm sure we will all be showing you things we make with them along with the other dies that we will be using at our demonstration weekend next week.

Of course, they can be found HERE


  1. yes Jill Thankyou I love the shabby chic papers they are sooo yummy and soooo me!!lol i had the perfect challenge for them that ive been umming and arrring all week over!! So I took the plunge!!!
    The new alpha cutters will need the A plate and two B's.I have a sizzix die and it looked the same thickness as that and works great.
    Oh Dear so much yummy new stuff i will bring my blinkers on monday!!!lol
    love debbie xxx

  2. Yummy indeed!! I just wonder if they go through the cuttlebug, as that's what I have!!!


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