Friday, 9 April 2010


Sorry for shouting!  Just excited to have a few more of Tim's new goodies trickling through.

Patience is a virtue, isn't it?  Says who, not me, no longer...

What's the hold up all about, they know if we hear about nice new stuff that we will want it NOW!  Ahhh, the re-inkers, the accoutrements, trinkets, lockets and keys, the knobs, the box feet, the word keys, the Alteration dies, the embossing folders, the papers and the WHOLE Tim shebang!

The new Distress Ink Pads were worth the wait, how wonderful are the colours?  Happily, we now have even more in stock and can relax on that one!   Our full set offer still stands, £50 for the set of 12 (it's a huge saving) and you know you will want them all eventually we have the re-inkers too, phew.. at last!

We managed to fulfill a number of the early bird orders of the sets of new distress re-inkers over the last couple of weeks.  I wouldn't even dare to grab a set for myself of those with the orders we had lined up for them, we've sent them out on a strictly first come first served basis.   I think the ladies who ordered early are so lucky, I'm not envious at all.... Honestly!  (I lie!!!!!)  But now I can have them too:))

I was tempted to offer a set for a new blog candy but I think Debbie would have linched me!!!!!  She's very protective with our mail order file, and apparently I was last in the line for a set:(

Anyhow, April was the promised month for lots of things new from Tim, and it's here, some are promised for late April and even May.  

Well, we had a delivery on Wednesday, it was just TOO exciting opening the boxes!! 
Debbie, who is off for 2 weeks for the school hols has had her eye on Tim's new paper stacks.  Having got control of the stock back, I could be a cruel evil boss and get my own back for the re-inker episode by saying she can't have that paper pad she's got a HUGE yearning for, customers come first, but no, Debbie, all is OK, I've hidden one away for you, lol:)  You deserve a treat:)

I can't wait much longer for the rest of the new stuff... can you?  Which products are you most looking forward to getting?

OK, I've teased a bit about what was in those boxes, so here's a bit of a peek.

Now, couldn't I have done with these Timepieces/Watch Faces for Ian's Time Flies card at the weekend!!

The Box Feet...Now there's something to think about using!

The Lockets and Keys...  Oh, totally FAB, they so go with the theme of Tracey's new stamp sheet!

Woo hoo.. Tim's new book, A Compendium of Curiosities offered for £19.99!!!  (Save £5)
Oh, I've added a couple more of the Alteration Sizzix dies to the website that are back in stock.

More new stuff has arrived that I'll tell you about another time, just TOO much excitement for words...

We've an embossed frame workshop tomorrow which I am really looking forward to, lots of UTEE, Distress Inks, Shrink Plastic etc.  

I hope you all have a great weekend too.



  1. can you hide me a set of the boxed feet too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pppllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. It better not have all gone by the time I get up there, I've been saving my pennies really hard!! lol I just love all this stuff.

    Really into metal at the moment.
    Soo looking forward to the demo weekend Jill

    Tracey xx

  3. Oh it's all too much!!! I love it all so will be calling by the website to grab some of those clock faces etc !!

  4. Go ahead and shout! T!m stuff is amazing. I've been checking my doorstop day after day waiting for his supplies to arrive (I ordered from another company before I found you site, sorry). It's gong to be so much fun to play!

  5. Hi Jill

    Sounds like you are having just too much fun with all this new Tim stuff. I already have the book and it has some great tuturials in doesn't it. I have my eye on the scroll die and the textured embossing folders when they finally arrive although I think I will have to wait for Santa to bring them now. I have declared a craft buying amnesty from now on, lets see how long that lasts!!!
    Hope you are getting to enjoy the sunshine.



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