Thursday, 1 April 2010

Time Workshop/Tutorial for the weekend - Intro

I've decided to do a workshop/tutorial thingie with all the stuff in this photo.  As you know I am a tease so why change?  I'm sure that you can see the theme though, so I'm not being too cruel!!

I'll be showing the finished card along with all the step by step stages over the weekend, so please call back and see it all develop.

I've taken about 40 photos, there'll be bits you already know about but maybe some of you will pick up some tips or ideas along the way.

I haven't written any words yet but I will post them as I get it done over the next few days.  There will be quite a number of parts to it as I've used lots of techniques for the elements on the card.

I've been itching to get on with this card for ages and I'm pleased I've finally got it done.  I've been working on it in the evenings this week so I hope the photos I've taken will be OK, oh and you'll have to excuse my very distressed craft mat, it is a disgrace!!

Will probably be back later with Part 1.



  1. oh they look fabulous ! i could have done with those clocks and sentiment , ive just made an alice in wonderland set - wish i had of known ! they would have been perfect !

    maddy x

  2. Looks very interesting !

  3. Looks fab, can't wait to see what is coming.

  4. ive been lucky enough to of seen it and its worth the wait i can tell you, it is fabulous. xxxx
    debbie xx

  5. oh Jill these pieces are GoRGeouS! think i'm going to add these dies to my wishlist :)


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