Saturday, 10 April 2010

A brilliant day!

Just a shortish post for now to say what a brilliant day it's been today.  Woke up to sunshine and it just got better...

We held a workshop today, Embossed Frames, I'll be back another time with some photos to show the frames the ladies made, they were all very different and all wonderful.  I really enjoyed your company ladies, thanks for getting stuck in and giving it all a go! 

When I got home I was thrilled to find out that I have been picked in the top 5 of last week's Allsorts Challenge.  Thank you!

Another fantastic piece of news to tell is that we have a new Design Team member Michelle (Midnight Crafter), welcome to the mad house Michelle!! 

Plus, I now have 401 followers!  Wowser!!  Thank you so much to you all for following my endless waffle, for joining in with the blog candy giveaways etc, and especially for leaving your lovely comments, which I truly appreciate.

So all in all a fab, brilliant, wonderfully lovely day, and I didn't even win the National:)

I'll be back with photos later!



  1. I'm glad you had such a nice day :) I've had a pretty fab day too!

  2. my mum won the national!!! bet a fiver and won £110 all because of the song sophie sings!!!wish i'dve bet now!!!.
    glad you had a good day.cant wait to see the frames
    love debbie xxx

  3. It was a lovely day Jill and I'm thrilled to join you as a DT. I've loved dropping in for a chat and a cuppa (thanks Ian) and for supplies of course - now even more reason!
    Cant wait to get started
    x Michelle

  4. Congrats on nabbing Michelle on your DT Jill as she is now in high demand and for good reason her work is STUNNING! Im sure she will provide you with fabulous samples with her endles thinking outside the box creativity xx Janet x

  5. Welkom to the fun house Michelle!
    Look forward to seeing your creations :D


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