Friday, 2 April 2010

Time Workshop/Tutorial Part 3 - Shrink Plastic Clock with Glossy Accents

If you missed them, the instructions for the basic clock are on the previous post.  Before adding the clock hands for this one I covered the top with Glossy Accents.

Extra Materials
Glossy Accents
There are other variation you could use instead of Glossy Accents, ie. Crackle Accents, Matte Accents and Sepia Accents.  They can all be found on the same link.  There is a new one that will be available soon, Enamel Accents. 

Do not shake the bottle before using as it will create air bubbles!

The Glossy Accents is milky when first applied but will dry clear with a high raised gloss finish.  Avoid applying near the centre hole.

Apply the glossy accents using the nozzle to guide it where you want it to go.

Make sure you go around the edges for a nice finish.  At this stage ensure there are no air bubbles, any you find can usually be dispersed with the nozzle or a pin.

See, I did warn you that I would be saying don't do it this way at some point!  If you look to the left on the middle of the clock below you will see lots of tiny bubbles.  I applied this at night just before I went to bed so that it would be dry by the morning but I didn't check for bubbles.  You can get air bubbles even if you dont shake the bottle.  As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you have any just prod them with the nozzle of the bottle or a pin while it is still liquid and it should remove most of them.

Another tip is to leave the bottle upside down for a while before using it.  This way any air at the top of the bottle will travel up to the bottom! 

Place a cocktail stick in the hole if you have one, this will help stop the glossy accents from filling it.  Glossy accents is quite thick and it will usually stay where you put it, so it shouldn't fill the hole. 

It will self level during the drying time if you have any lumps or bumps.

Finish the edges off with a permanent black ink pad such as Stazon.  This next photo is a bit dark but I think you can see the different between the two I made from the shrink plastic.

Part 4 coming tomorrow! 


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  1. I really enjoying your tutorials Jill and like that they are in bite sized chunks! keep them cominghytop


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