Friday, 16 October 2009

Demo/Open Day Tomorrow - 20% Off Discount Day!!

We really hope you will be able to join us!!

Jill Boulton and I will be demonstrating various things tomorrow, metal embossing, the melt pot, the cuttlebug, alcohol inks (etc, etc) along with Kay and Tracey's new stamps.

All the cards featured in the live show on Tuesday will be there to see as well as some featuring in next Wednesday's live show on Create & Craft TV.

We have bagged up lots of great bargains for the shop tomorrow for our demo/open day and we will have 20% DISCOUNT on everything in the shop!

So if you are around Skipton tomorrow we will be open from 10am - 5pm. If you haven't visited us since we moved, I've added a couple of maps to help you find us.

See you tomorrow!!



  1. I REALLY want to be there! Have so much fun (as you work)...and savor it..I miss it!

  2. I'm chauffeur for the gang tomorrow Jill so we will be with you bout 10am.
    x Michelle

  3. Have a great day tomorrow Jill, unfortunately I can't come along, would love too, but lots on at the minute!! I promise we will come along to the shop in the next few weeks though, I'm desperate for a visit.


  4. We'll get something organised for when you visit next year Julie, don't you worry, we can't have you missing it!!

    Thanks for doing the chauffering Michelle, the kettle will be on!! We even have biscuits tomorrow:) See you all in the morning.

    Lisa, if you don't come soon Debbie will start stalking you:) It will be lovely to see you as and when you can visit!

    Christine, aka Ladylace(naughty lady) who visits and comments on our blog visited the shop yesterday as she is caravanning at Strid Wood. Her husband is dropping her off again tomorrow so she can watch the demos, and funnily enough another lady caravanning at the same place called in today, I hope they get to meet each other to talk craft, it will no doubt drive their husbands crazy for the rest of their stay!!!!

    Jill x

  5. Hi Jill, me again. You'll think I'm avoiding you, sooo not true. I know I'll be tempted to spend when I come and I've gone a bit made lately buying craft stuff after my good intentions of being good this year so need to save up a bit before I come. I need more distress ink and those butterfly stamps are calling and the Moonglow is so lovely and and and.... see what I mean.
    I'm so glad you think grungeboard smells like leather, so many folk have said it smelt funny I thought I was a bit weird liking it. I know I'm in good comapny now!!
    Have a great day tomorrow and I promise I'll see you soon.


  6. Wish I could come! Thanks, Jill, for visiting me and for your kind comments! Your stamps and cards are beautiful!

  7. Oh Lisa, I don't think that at all:)

    There's so much lovely stuff around it is all far to tempting to go mad buying it all and even I try to be sensible about craft shopping. Oh how I would love it to be one for me and some for the shop when ordering stock!

    Craft shops are the equivalent of kid's sweet/toy shops aren't they, we want want want! As I said, it'll be nice to see you as and when you come. Just beware of Detective Debbie! You won't be able to just sneak in you know, she'll recognise you now:)

    We both enjoy and appreciate your visits and comments to our blogs and we are just teasing:)

    Yep, I love the smell of grunge paper, but that's about all I've done with it so far, perhaps when the shows are over I'll be able to have a good play, I love what you have made with it.

    Jill x


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