Friday, 30 October 2009

Another bright and sunny card from last Wednesday's show, nearly matching the warmth of the Indian summer we had here yesterday, it certainly isn't usually this warm in North Yorkshire at the end of October but is most welcome!

I decided to change the blog background colour, having a play about while eating my toast when I really should be getting on with more important stuff. Even changing that won't make the photo here look any better, honest the card does look a bit better in real life! Thank goodness Christmas is coming soon, and I may be able to justify asking for a new camera:)



  1. Love the embossing on this one Jill and Kay's designs lend themselves to shrink beautifully.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Your photo looks just fine to me. It's very zesty. This mild weather is so unseasonal isn't it. We've had a lot of mist here though, the sunshine you've got would be nice. Isn't it stange how just a few miles can make so much difference to the weather.
    Enjoy your weekend.



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