Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Reminder: C & C live show today at 12pm (noon)

Yes, yet another reminder about the Create & Craft show today, (Sky 671 and Freeview 36). I do hope you can watch it, we have lovely products on the show as well as Kay's yummy stamps!

Here's a look at the stamp sheets we are using, you'll find them on our website here. Most of the other products used are in their own sections on the website.


It's been a busy week so I haven't had a chance to find out which cards Karen and Rachel made, but here's the last one, made with Tracey's Classical Instrument stamps and Moonglow pigment powders.Now, three more cards from meI hope this scheduled post works OK! I will be back tomorrow!!


  1. Ohhh thanks for the rminder Jill I had forgotton and as its my day Off i will have a cuppa with you and Kay whilst watching you do your stuff. Love this stamp set so looking forward to more ideas from you both x Had a fab time with you on Sat in fact we all said your session was much better than what was going on elsewhere in Craven on that day x Janet

  2. It did!! I've just realised my 11am appt won't be over by 12. How annoying is that! So I've got my fingers crossed for repeats xx

  3. hope the show was as good as last weeks show must be so nerve racking live!!speak to you tomorrow xxx
    debbie xxx
    hope its on again i forgot to sky plus it!!!!

  4. I rushed home in time to catch you Jill and loved it. What a great show, you and Kay are brilliant together. Kay's backgrounds were gorgeous and the shrink plastic was amazing. I love using it.
    At last I've decided which set of stamps I want so will be over VERY soon!!!!!
    Yes, I know you've heard that one before!!!!
    Have a safe journey home


  5. Watched the show Jill, you and Kay were superb, only a shame you couldn't do more demo's. Took an hour off from stripping wallpaperto watch, with OH approval, he even watched a little bit LOL
    Love & Hugs
    Christine xxx


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