Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Update: Create and Craft Repeated show times

Evening all
Just a quick blog tonight.
Jill has just asked me if I could let you all know, for those who missed the show today, that it is going to be repeated again tonight at 10pm and also in the morning at 7am.She has just got home from filming today to a powercut,which means she isnt going to get online to blog etc.
For those who did manage to tune in, I hope you liked it.I know I did and well done to Tracey as it was her first time and she didnt seem at all nervous.
Jill will be telling you all about it when her power is back on.
The channel is Sky 671 or freeview 36
Bye for now
Debbie xx


  1. I was lucky and got to watch it live. It was a lovely show and I must have that lovely 'music' themeplate.

    I have recorded the show as well so can rewatch anytime, Yay.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Thanks for that Debbie I did miss the show as I was at work so can tune in tonight x Hope to see you all on sat coming on mass with the ladies from the craft group in the morning x Janet

  3. Hi Debbie & one and all!
    Thank you for your nice comment Debbie I am glad I didn't look too nervous.
    I would just like to thank Jill & Ian for making dreams into reality and especilly Jill for a day I will never forget!!
    I hope if anyone missed the show you will be able to catch the 10pm one tonight, or I think there is a repeat tomorrow morning.

    Anyway hope you like the stamps, and if anyone is going to the show at the Dome in Doncaster come and say hello, I would love to meet you all!
    Going to bed now, what a day it has been!!!!
    Lots of love
    Tracey xxxx

  4. Hello ladies.

    Well done on the show today Jill and Tracey. I sat and watched you, and have also got you on Sky Plus to rewatch you when I don't get my Jilly fix.. lol.

    The stamps are just beautiful.

    Lots of love and cuddles..

    Jo xxx

  5. Been powerless since 6pm, now blokes are outside drilling the road up! Oh joy!! Sleep isn't even an option now. Only thing working here now is my mobile. Well, they aren't going to get a cup of tea until they fix it. They just told it'll be about 3am!!! No tea then, earplugs if we can find them.

    What a FULL on day it has been! Highs and lows, yay.... !

    Will blog tomorrow

    Thanks for your comments

    Jill xxx

  6. Hi Jill. You and Tracey were great and I loved all the samples. The only problem I had was that Stephanie talked too much and didn't let you demo enough, everything you show is so great I wanted to see lots of it. Hope you get Nigel next time!!
    Good Luck with the power.


  7. hi to Jill and Tracey,really enjoyed the show stamps are beautiful.I really enjoy all the techniques you bring to us Jill.Tracey really stood to the pressure well.I will be taking a day trip to visit you and to make my purchases.hope you have your book of techniques available.Well done and hope you are soon back on line,looking forward to next show.

  8. Thank you for your comments. Will be back there next Wednesday with Kay so hope you can watch that too!!

    Jill xxx


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