Saturday, 3 October 2009

A lovely day

I've had a wonderful day, shared with the ladies at the workshop today. We had a great time, and our hands told a tale at the end, it certainly was a messy hands day!! They made lots of background papers with various techniques with the Starburst Stains for the books they were making, some stamping, detail painting and staining other bits and pieces too. I'm hoping they will share some photos from today with us here.

They had travelled from Lincoln so it has been a very long day for them, we ran out of time to get the books completed, it would have been nice to have played all evening too, but I think we were all flagging a bit by chucking out time today, certainly a craft until you drop kind of day!
From the pages that were finished, I could see they are all looking fab. Hope we can do it again another time, maybe next time we can make it a weekend:)
Hope everything goes well for you on Monday Laura and that you are back on you feet quickly, also thanks for driving the ladies to Skipton today and hope you are not too shattered from the driving. Thank you Karen, Laura, Rose, Sue and Yvonne, I really enjoyed your company and am looking forward to seeing all those finished books at Stamp Magic!

Thank you everyone for your comments on yesterday's post. I'm really looking forward to this busy month of crafting! I'm hoping to make a start on cards for the first C & C show tomorrow, so is it normal Sunday stuff, ironing and housework etc. Or is it crafting, yes, you guessed it, crafting is the priority!

Poor long suffering OH, Ian, has lugged 4 crates of crafting stuff to the shop today in case I needed anything (and I didn't) and lugged it all back home tonight. He's also in for more household chores this month, plus all the packing for the telly etc, so if you see him at Port Sunny or the Doncaster show, please give him a nice smile:) He deserves it!!

It is a really wild night here, it's blowing a gale, poor Hamish doesn't like too much wind as it makes his ears flap about too much, so all he wants is out and back in asap tonight. For a crazy Springer Spaniel he can be wise sometimes, he knows his home comforts, it's back to being cosy in front of the fire now that summer is over. The big softy!!
Anyway, enough waffle for now.
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I'm with Hamish!

    Sounds like a great workshop day, Jill...miss those times...

  2. Hi Jill

    Well we've just got home!! We all really enjoyed today, it was certainly just the tonic I needed. Can't wait to play with my new goodies and finish my book. Look forward to seeing you at Doncaster later in the month.

    Karen. x

  3. Jill..

    I iz nowin wot dem earz blowin is like.. me tabs are juss da same! Big un fluffy like.. I dunt not lyk dem winds neever.. I iz a wuss! Me sista Holly luvs it but she az got lickler tabs dan me an erz dunt flap about sa much! And that lickle ginger fing juss finks shiz gunna fly away!

    Good luck wiv dem show fings too. Me mum sez she might see ya in Donny if she guz.

    Luv from Scooby, Holly, Truly and me mum... xx


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