Sunday, 18 October 2009

Starburst Fairies meet Starburst Stains!

Here are some more demo cards from last Tuesday's show...

Unfortunately these photos aren't brilliant and don't show the colours very well, so let me explain and I hope you can use your imagination! The frame is embossed in copper detail and the fairies, wording and starburst border are embossed in gold on top of a Starburst Stain 'wash' background made using a stain from the Icicle Creek set. They are mounted onto gold mirri card (which looks black in the photo!).

The base card has been 'tapped' with the same stain to give a matching sprayed look but I actually used a paintbrush tapped against an acrylic block (as demonstrated in Tuesday's live show). Remove the excess stain off the brush before tapping for a light misted shimmery flittered effect. If you do have larger blobs, good, they look great too, as they have so much shimmer to them! I don't mind mess (as you've probably gathered by now!) but sometimes in the past my splattering has hit anything but the intended target!

You can adapt this technique with ink pad ink too. Stamp the ink pad onto the non-stick heat/baking sheet to transfer the ink then dilute with a little water and then use this the same way to flick the speckled background. I will try to incorporate this into a demo on Wednesday for those that missed it on Tuesday and don't know what the heck I'm on about!!

Below is the same Starburst Stain wash background with a different image. I love this large fairy almost as much as that gorgeous fantasy frame! I also added the small starburst stamp to add some extra magic. As before, you will have to use your imagination as the black mounts are actually gold mirri card.

All the stains in the Icicle Creek set look great with the fairies, I only used one colour for the cards in the show as there was only one stain in the Moonglow Accessory kit featured and we have to stick to using the products in the show, but using more than one colour in this set is just TOO yummy, I will have to finish a card I started with them all and get a photo for you to see.


  1. Oh...Miss Sarah is going to see these fairies and squeal!

    You know I love those stains....

  2. The Icicle Creek stains are my favourite set followed closely by Mermaid Seashells. I can easily imagine how pretty these look with the fairy stamps when you can see the true colour.

    Lovely cards Jill and have the Sky box set to record the show already.

    Lesley Xx


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