Thursday, 15 October 2009

Cards from the show and some waffle!

One of the aims for the show was to go back to basics a bit for beginners as we had an embossing starter kit on the show and the Moonglow Sampler kit. If the effects are on the card, simple matting and layering can be enough and keeping it simple is a good thing if you are a beginner. It doesn't mean you cannot have a play with techniques though and for this card I used one of the Moonglow Glitz Spritz sprays, which is a more subtle shimmer than the stains or Moonshadow ink as it is mica and water, no stain or walnut ink. So a shake and a spray is enough.

I love the copper detail embossing powder as it is a very soft copper shade, it has a pinky tint to it. I used the Moonshadow ink to detail paint, I used a tissue to lift the ink away for shading and painted over areas I wanted to be darker.

The next 2 photos are of the smaller images on the Butterfly Beauties set, I made Tracey's images smaller so they can be used as matching hand made stamps for the backs of cards and for inserts. Also, they are ideal of ATCs and gift tags. Now I visited a blog last night and Vix has used the smaller image for the front of a gatefold card and the larger image inside the card, a brilliant idea that you could use for both of these images.
This was my first demo, I could almost hear everyone saying, oh no, she's doing that scrunch technique AGAIN! Well, forgive me but as it was my first time live and on freeview for a long time I wanted to share it with new viewers. Ok, it is also that I just love doing it too:)

I haven't actually stuck it the down yet, and I did have some wording prepared to add to it but I must tell you that when Stephanie mentioned 2 clear powders in the starter kit I wrote white and clear on the back of it and pushed it in front of her to correct herself, poor woman had me doing that and likely someone in her ear telling her too!! So I don't know what happened to that little piece of card!

I'm not sure if this little gift tag was shown, but here it is now. I have been asked for a gift for you stamp quite a few times and thought it appropriate for the matching images.

Tracey and I met at the hotel on Tuesday evening and had a look through all the cards before going for dinner where we had a good old chatter. Tracey went to her room to craft afterwards and I pottered about a bit and filed my nails away (almost), it was nice to be quiet and calm for a while as it had been a long day.

I don't usually sleep very well the night before a show but I must have dropped off straight away. I woke at 1am as an email arrived on my mobile, (it was my daily viagra spam grrr), deleted it but couldn't turn the phone off as I needed the alarm for the morning, anyway I went back to sleep, and then my daily spam report came through at about 4am which woke me again, (double grrr). My back was still stiff from the show at the weekend, (it gets worse when I stop moving) so I got up, made myself a cup of tea and walked up and down the room! Luckily I went back to sleep and no more emails came through.

We went for breakfast and chatted.... and chatted, neither of us had our watches on but luckily I looked at my phone and saw we had to run to get to the studio on time. It was straight into the green room and time to put on some make up and get the hair straighteners out. Tracey was all ready I have to say!

We were taken into the studio to set up and had to be quiet (which is very hard for me!) as Hazel was filming her live show across the room, we had a quick chat with Nigel, (he is the presenter for our show next Wednesday) then went through everything in our show with Stephanie. She was very good and explained everything to us, she had just finished her own show which was just her on her own talking for an hour, she didn't get much of a break from chatting before starting our show. Amazing to find someone that can talk more than me! I don't know how she does it, especially with people talking in her ear too!!!

Well, enough waffle for today, more tomorrow...



  1. There I was telling myself I must use the stamps I'd got and not buy anymore for a while and then I see these instruments stamps. They are fab. Must make myself wait till the NEC. I must. I must. I must.
    Beryl xx

  2. Beautiful samples Jill and I, for one didn't mind watching the 'scrunch' again. Good idea for the new crafters and anyway, I like watching you get your hands messy, Lol!

    Lesley Xx

  3. Hi Jillybean...

    I never mind watching you doing the scrunch. This is something I am gonna have to try one day. I do have the sprays in my studio somewhere or other, I'll have to dig them out - ashamed to say that I very rarely use them. Sigh..

    You'll love it with Nigel next week, I did my show with him too. He's ace. I was on CC at around 1 today I think.. But he's such a laugh!

    Ask him about his's ace!. lol.. we were comparing notes!!!

    Love Jo xx

  4. Thank you Beryl, Lesley and Jo for your comments.

    Beryl, sorry we won't at the NEC!

    Jill x

  5. Darn! Missed the shows will have to catch a re run!!! Love the musical images.


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