Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Tracey's Demo cards from TV show

Tracey's demo card, with the inside panel

Well, I have power! I can blog!! What timing for a power cut, I got back from the filming and had 'phoned Create & Craft to find out repeat times to put on the website when the lights started flickering, it was obvious it was on it's way out but could I type fast enough and update the website before it all went off, of course not! Thank you Debbie for updating the blog for me.

It finally came back on in the middle of the night. It was strange how both neighbours were off then one side had power. We have a huge great hole at the bottom of the drive from all the drilling and digging they did last night, last time there was a major problem it was on and off for days and I could do without that at the moment.

So, I didn't get to see the show until this morning. Thank you for all the blog comments, emails etc and of course your orders. Debbie has been a very busy bee today!!

Tracey and I had a wonderful day yesterday, I think she did so well for her first show. I'm glad she enjoyed it and wants to do more!! I'll have to get on with the next 3 sheets of designs, well, perhaps I will get these shows done first! We did talk about ideas for future stamp sheets so more will be on the way.

Tracey had prepared 4 demo cards, but only got a chance to do one so we'll start with Tracey's cards tonight and I'll post the others as we go along.

The card from the fairy sheet has been stamped with the pigment inks.

Tracey has used a paint brush to pull out some of the ink from the outline to give it a softer finish.
I love this shaped butterfly, it has been embossed with the copper detail embossing powder. Moonshadow mist has been sprayed for the background.

The 4th card shows gold embossing on gold card. Tracey was also going to show mixing the pigment ink colours on the craft sheet to obtain brown, which isn't in the pigment ink pad that was featured on the show.

I'll show more cards tomorrow and I'll tell you more about our day.

Just a reminder that we are having demos at the shop on Saturday and we will be open longer, 10am - 5pm (it is usually 11am - 4pm on Saturdays). Jill Boulton will be demonstrating metal embossing with Walnut Hollow products and I will be playing with Tracey and Kay's stamps. I hope you can join us if you are local.

Then, Kay and I are filming the show with Kay's stamps next Wednesday, it'll be at 12 (noon) again.


  1. Loved the show thought both you and Tracy were fab x Looking forward to Sat too will prob be camping on the doorstep! Janet x

  2. It was a fab show Jill and Tracey looked so at ease to say it was her first time on camera, really enjoyed it x

  3. glad you are back up and running! I am hoping that there will be replays online that I can get. Sarah sent me the link, but with the time difference it has been hard to coordinate with it.

    Let me also say THANKS SO MUCH for the fabulous stamp set that was sent via Sarah...I absolutely love them and am very excited about creating something for my blog so that I can give you a BIG OLD SHOUT OUT!
    It was so kind of you...and I can't thank you enough!

  4. I set my alarm and got up extra early to watch the show on my laptop (what timing, we've moved from Freeview to Virgin and now don't get create and craft tv!!). I saw the second half of the show and was glad I did, it was great, just gutted I missed the beginning :) Well done both of you, it was great

  5. I watched my recording of the show again today and I so enjoyed it. These cards are lovely and I'm even more convinced now I NEED those classical instruments!

    Lesley Xx

  6. Thanks for watching Janet and Katy, and for your comments. Will you be forming an orderly queue Janet? Good luck with your new job Katy, it'll be tempting to spend you wages, ask Debbie!

    I hope you get to see all of it Julie and Sarah, I think it is on again at the weekend, I will try and find out when! There is another show next week so maybe you can watch that one, but it will be on at the same time. You'll have to get up earlier Sarah:)

    I knew you liked that sheet Julie, I will look forward to seeing what you do with it. Thanks for sending it for me Sarah

    Jill x

  7. Thanks Lesley, yes you NEED them, no sorry, I shouldn't encourage you:)

  8. Hi Jill. So glad you have power again. Well done to you both on the programme, Tracey is a natural, can't believe it was her first time. Her cards are great, what talent. I just love those butterflies. Good Luck on Saturday and looking forward to seeing you with Kay next week!



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