Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Stamp Man Award 2009

There are no prizes for the awards event apart from the actual award; it's just a nice random award for anyone that joins in with this bit of fun to take us into the New Year.

The most important part of this is that I would like you all to have fun and enjoy taking time to look back on your crafting over the last year and pick something you have made that you are particularly proud of and feel was your best work of 2009. As you go through the main blog hop you will see that the ladies you visit have shared their favourite projects with you too.

The instructions

It can be a card layout, an altered project, or even a new technique that you have mastered this year.

It must be anything crafty that you have made and designed yourself.

Post it on your blog between now and 3rd January, you don't have to make anything new, it should be something you have already made, so no pressure to make anything.

Leave a comment under this post so everyone can click on your name to come and visit your blog, it’ll then be a whole other blog hop for us to join in with to see what you have made this year too!

Once you have done this, please take this award to proudly display on your blog sidebar throughout 2010!!!

Here's my favourite project again

Click on the link HERE to go to the original post about it for more details


  1. I love this idea...a kind of show and tell of 'best' projects. Am really looking forward to seeing what people choose. I have to say, I found it hard to choose and might have to cheat and have two! Art journalling has been a fab journey for me this year but the corset round robin I did was a source of great pleasure, and I was honoured to have been included. I did plump for art journalling in the end though :)

    Thanks for the award Jill. It's a great idea :)

  2. What a lovely idea to have a look at other blogs. I found it hard to choose one project though as quite a number stick in my head.

    Here is my favourite project

    Best wishes and wishing you and yours a Happy New Year

    Kym xxx

  3. Great to see other blogs and what people crafted. I really enjoyed this Polymer Clay piece I made:

    Loads of best wished for Christmas & wishing you all a fab 2010 !

    Sid xx

  4. Thanks for a fun blog hop Jill, I really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful work that people were kind enough to share!
    Here is my favourite project of 2009:
    Hugs, Jo x

  5. Thanks for the hop Jill. I really enjoyed looking at all the different blogs.
    It was quite hard picking a favourite and I've reposted it as there were several projects on the same post.
    Here's the link:
    Fliss xx

  6. This is a lovely idea. It's easy to forget things you did before in the rush to always do something different. The project I chose is here.

  7. Lovely idea! I've really had to think hard about this, but came up with this! Hope you like it!

  8. Great idea. Its made me look through the last 10 months of my crafting on my blog and the one project that sticks out was my first easel card. You can find it linked at the bottom of here.

    I guess the reason why it sticks out was I didnt have any Mojo at that time of year it was really hard, with me finishing Chemo and then losing a loved one, I couldnt face it, but was so proud of the results and it cheered by mum up too! as it was her birthday card.

    Thanks for letting me share!

    Kimmi xx

    My First Ever Easel Card

  9. Thanks for this- I really njoyed revisiting my work over the past year. I've chosen something bright and small, although I had several close runners up!!!!

    It's a lovely idea, and I'm looking forward to looking at what everyone else has chosen.

    Lisa :)

  10. My apologies, I forgot to add the link to my blog!! Here it is!!

  11. Great blog hop. Her is my favourite project

  12. A great idea so we can see other peoples creations, please take a look at my best creation on My Blog

  13. Thanks you for the fun blog hop. It was fun to pick out our favorite project of the year. I hope you enjoy. Here is mine:

  14. Love the idea! Thank you for the award! Great Blinkie!!!!
    I have picked! Hop on over to see.
    While you are there I would love for you to become one of my followers!!

    Queen La Rubba

  15. I've had a lovely evening. Thank You for my 1st ever blog hop. It was great fun. Off to study everyone's blogs in more details. Love this idea of choosing a favourite creation too. Not easy. I had a few!

    Mine is HERE. Thanks for looking. Best wishes everyone for a healthy, crafty New Year. Gez.xx

  16. Hi everyone I chose this project for my favorite for 2009! I hope you enjoy it/them I did! My link is

    And let's hop and view more projects!


  17. What a great idea to go back and see what we have all done through the year. I finally got to grips with alcohol inks and love them now. I need more projects to do but you can see my first attempts ere

  18. Hi Jill, This is a great idea, I have just posted my favourite project and now can relax with a cuppa and a little blog hopping...


    Thank's for the award...

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  20. Have chosen Journalling although I have enjoyed my clay work as well. Difficult to choose between the pages since my class with the talented Sarah.
    See my choice here at

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  22. Blog Hop completed and now I've chosen one of my favourite projects from the past year - I hope you accept digital work!
    The Unwelcome Guests

  23. Hi Jill,
    This is such a lovely idea. It's been interesting looking back over my creations of the past year.
    I think the highlight of my creative year has been discovering Art Journalling and starting my first art journal, so that is my choice as it's really stretching me creatively.
    You can see it here
    Lesley x

  24. Hi Jill
    Have really enjoyed taking part in the Blog Hop and I am now going to attempt to leave a link to my blog (instead of linking direct to my project, which doesn't seem to be working for me today)!!! Here goes -
    you can find me here.
    I particularly like this project as the stamp is so beautiful, and I love using shrink plastic! Love, Sylvia xx

  25. For technical reasons I can't publish my favourite ;) but I am sharing something else here.
    May have to hop along tomorrow and browse all the goodies on show as my woosiness from my cold has returned!! Happy New Year! This has been fun

  26. The blog hop was great fun. All that gorgeous work. It was har to choose but here is my favourit one
    This stamp even been used to make xmas card. Gonna go and look the others Blog
    Happy New yr to everyone

  27. Choose your fav piece how hard is that? Very there are so many all different that a special for one reason or another. just have to love this big art/craft movement we are all part of. Finally selected something and re-blogged it. Looking forward now to going and seeing what everyone else selected.

  28. wow what a fab idea ,was a bit of hard decision to make but had to be Here’s my entry
    thank for great idea i will love looking at everyones favs for 2009.
    Happy new year to you all
    love n hugs judex

  29. Loved the blog hop, great fun and now I've got so many ideas - if I can stop looking at all these lovely blogs and do some crafting.
    My favourite project is here:

  30. What a great idea - thanks so much for thinking of this. Off to look at everyone's creations now.
    Ann xxx

  31. Lovely idea, Gill and it really does make you think not only about what you've been doing throughout the year but also how your style has changed, even in that short time. Thanks for the prompt :)

    Here's mine -

  32. Great idea. I always think of this piece with fondness.

  33. This has been brilliant for me, looking through what i have done, my style has changed so much this year, sometime during september, my cards just look that more better, thanks for the blog hop as well, still working out what it means lol xx

  34. thanks for the recognition for your fans - this is such a great way for us to reflect back on the year to remember our ACCOMPLISHMENTS! it's always a crazy time during the holidays, so it's nice to remember something for which we feel particularly proud... this is my favourite project of 2009... happy holidays, Stamp Man! :)

  35. Wow! This was easier said than done. But I did finally narrow it down to one card. Here is my post. Thanks for looking! And thanks for the fun blog hop!


  36. For me it was easy to decide which was my favourite project. I found it very hard to part with this item, which for me is very unusual.

  37. very easy to decide on my favourite of 2009. I did not want to part with this.

  38. Love the idea of showing your favourite project. Not sure if it is my best but I just love the image, the DP, the colours and the style of card.

    Here it is hope you like it!

    Kat x

  39. Hi there

    What a great idea. Here is my favourite project

    Hugs Ali x

  40. I love this! It is such a nice thing to do!
    This is mine

  41. Brilliant idea. I am going to look through some of the blogs after I have done the Blog Hop! You can see my favourite project on my blog:

  42. Hi,
    I will join the Blog Hop later, but first I want to show my favourite project this year.
    It´s here
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!
    XX Kathi

  43. Hi Jill,
    This was a fab idea, thanks so much. Here is my fave project
    Dawn xx

  44. Heres my favourite project
    Great idea!
    Off to hop now!

  45. here is one my favourite project - I have not worked out yet how to put the award on my side bar yet though lol
    will have to ask Joe to help!!!
    best wishes for 2010
    Lesley x

  46. Fabulous idea, had great fun going through my blog and I had just 9 months to look at too !
    Here's my blog post

    Kate x

  47. I have loved doing this. My favorite is here
    Just click on the award to see it.


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