Saturday, 30 May 2009

Beautiful day

A beautiful day, so hot! But nice and cool in the unit. Managed to get a bit of prep done for the workshop next weekend, in amongst serving and chatting to customers. I played with Kays new stamps for a while, and I notice Debbie has been playing with them too. Very nice Debbie!

Rushed straight home to get in the garden to enjoy a bit of the sun, fresh air and a play with Hamish before settling down for BGT. A perfect winner! (I'd better not spoil it and say who won in case you haven't watched it yet).

Well, only a quick post tonight, more tomorrow...



  1. Oh yes , i think so too. well deserved!

  2. Hello Jill

    Glad you got to enjoy some sunshine & to play with Kay's new stamps; can't wait to see the results.

    Steady on Jill! What will you be shedding next??

    However suspect you must feel better now that the thermal vest has gone.


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