Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Moonshadow Ink on silk

Jo commented on Monday's card that it reminded her of silk, it did me too. Well, today I'm showing a card that actually is made with silk.

After an afternoon of using the inks my kitchen was in need of a good cleaning up. I had been spraying the mists on the draining board, it had dried on there and it looked very colourful. I couldn't bring myself to just swill it all down the sink, too wasteful, so I sprayed the draining board and some silk with water then mopped it all up!

I have to confess that my hands were very messy so you might want to wear gloves if you try this and also, it would have been more sensible to have been misting on my craft sheet in the first place (but I was using it for other things), so I learned the lesson and now have more than one craft sheet!!

The things we do!

Anyway, I left it on the draining board to dry after sprinking on some sea salt as you can do when silk painting (the salt draws up the ink). I cleaned up the rest of the kitchen and packed all my craft stuff away before taking the dried piece of silk outside to brush off the salt. I was quite impressed with the result. Sadly the colours from the mica were lost but the silk had taken a lovely vintage look and created a lovely soft background. I mounted the silk onto a piece of card to make it sturdier for the card, using DST placed at the back of the card so I could fold all the edges behind it.

I have been colouring white organza ribbon and other things with inks for years, for example, I couldn't find vintage looking ribbon so I made my own, I guess this follows on quite nicely. My friend Rosaline had the patience to cut out and decoupage the topper for me and even added some real feathers to the ladies hat (many thanks Rosaline).

I used some burgundy organza ribbon with the vintage ribbon to finish the card.

I just LOVE experimenting with stuff, I call it research and development, but really it's just playing with a product to see what I/it can do with what I have to hand. Recently it seems to have been what I've found to use in my kitchen cupboards! So please do play, there's really nothing major to be scared of, usually it's only a bit of card and ink. It is so rewarding to make something new to you on a blank piece of card or in this case a piece of silk.

I hope you'll give this a try sometime, have fun!!

Jill x


  1. That is beautiful Jill - I wish I had some silk to play around with too! I must do a bit more experimenting with my inks - I already wear gloves to do anything involving colour having learnt the hard way with alcohol inks; nothing washes them off your hands.
    Ali xx

  2. This is really elegant Jill. I love your silk, what a great effect. Know what you mean about inky hands. I splilt some bright pink alcohol ink the other night and have walked round all week with bright pink fingers and nails. Not a great look!


  3. A beautiful card Jill, like Ali, I must do more experimenting with my inks. I know what you mean about inky fingers, I will wear disposable gloves next time. The ink stayed on my fingers for days LOL
    Christine xx

  4. Oh am I glad to have found this blog. Spotted your name on another blog I visit and added myself to your followers. I love the stuff you do and will be back soon.
    Beryl xx

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who decorates my kitchen when I craft. I embossed my cooker top too!
    Talking of inky fingers, I work with children but I'm the only one who actually arrives at work with colourful hands.
    Lovely feel to this card, Jill.


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