Monday, 25 May 2009


I found another photo of Hamish today, taken when he was a pup, he actually sat and posed for this one!

I hope you have enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend, it's been nice and warm here, no rain so far but it looks as if it will be a storm when it comes, it's very muggy.

Nice roast beef dinner for tonight's meal then it will be settling down for the soaps and Britains Got Talent. I enjoyed last nights show and was glad that Susan and the dancers got through but sad that no-one walked off stage with that little girl, that must have been so heartbreaking for her on top of not getting through. I hope it doesn't stop her performing in future, she is a dear little girl with a beautiful voice.

I couldn't watch the gruesome man with the holes in his ears, I hope there's nothing on like that tonight, I really cannot see the point in it! YUK.

Enjoy your evening!

Jill x


  1. Oh beautiful! He is such a lovely boy!

    BGT was a bit - errm... odd last night, but there were a couple of acts that I like.

  2. Oh bless, hes adorable! such a cute face, looks sooo well behaved too.
    Lovely pickie

  3. Thank you for your comments.

    Hamish is getting much better behaved now and mostly does as he told, but he can still be a little tinker when the mood takes him!

    Jill x


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