Tuesday, 19 May 2009

More nautical cards

Here are 2 more cards made with the AOD Nautical stamps. Sorry about the camera glare from the Mirri board!

The background of card 1 was made by taking some of the ink from the jar and diluting with water in a palette.

If you have a nearly empty jar of ink you could top it up to keep it going a bit longer, it is surprising how much ink and mica there is at the bottom that could be refreshed. Making and using paler shades adds another easily achievable look and looks lovely with the other techniques you use for the inks. While the ink was still wet I added sea salt and left it to air dry (giving the salt time to draw up the ink).

I embossed and coloured the main image, layering 3 of the elements in the design to add dimension. I also used some of the vintage cord I made with the inks.

The 'driftwood' is a piece of twig that Hamish (our dog) brought in with him, so unkind of me to steal the wood he's hunted down isn't it! But better for me to use it than for him to eat it! I fixed this into place with silicone glue.

I mounted the greeting on a chippie label that had been sprayed with Moonshadow Inks. It is attached to the card with some nautical looking ribbon from the shop.

Sorry about the glare! (This one is really bright!!)

Similar to the previous card but with coloured card as the background. I've embossed the designs with Moonglow embossing powders (obsidans).

The driftwood and cord is attached to a metal rimmed card tag sprayed with Moonshadow Ink.

I also added a button with a nautical pattern.


  1. Great stuff... love your work, as always, honey. Come on now, Jill... time to have a go at my tag challenge - guess what, it's oriental!!!

  2. Stunning as allways .. love the themes on the two cards.

  3. Im going to do the challenge Jill.Especially as there is nothing on tv tonight!!
    hee hee---go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I will if I can:) I'm still working, so definitely not able to do it tonight:(

    Jill x

  5. Oops sorry Frankie and Yvonne, I meant to thank you for your comments. See what Debbie's nagging does to me!

    Jill x

  6. Fabulous cards Jill. I love this particular plate and use it often for mens cards.

    Lesley Xx


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