Sunday, 17 May 2009

Moonshadow Inks with textured card

The background of this card was made with one of the green Moonshadow Inks, I used textured card that had not been used that was in one of the fill with as much you can fit in for a tenner boxes. As it was so textured it hadn't been one I'd normally stamp on but is ideal for background techniques. I gave it a wash with the ink and left it to dry, the mica has fallen into the grooves leaving a lovely effect.

The scroll was made from thin card, I applied the ink onto it with first a wash, then drizzled the ink on top using a detail paint brush. The piece was then wound around cocktail sticks at each end. I made some holes and threaded through some white cord that I'd coloured with the inks to give it a vintage feel.

The galleon was detailed painted, cut out and layered with silicone glue. The wording piece of card was torn and I painted round the edges to give it more definition. The brads were attached and the piece was again attached with silicone glue.

With Father's Day coming soon I will be showing more cards that may help with ideas. I thought this would be a suitable card. I used the Aspects of Design Nautical stamp sheet that has a Happy Father's Day stamp on it that I will be showing another time.


  1. First to comment Jill, this is gorgeous. I have textured card so out will come my Moonshadow & Starburst Stains to see what effect I can get. Super idea for a Father's Day card.
    Christine xx

  2. Thanks Christine, I have other cards to show, some with the same stamp sheet. I think they are particularly good to make cards for older men who are not into sport etc.

    Jill x

  3. Brilliant card for a man Jill, for either birthdays or Father's Day.

    I love the nautical plate of stamps. I think it's just about my favourite set for men and the Moonshadow Inks compliment the stamps perfectly.

    Lesley Xx

  4. Thank you Lesley, it's one of my favourites too.

    Jill x

  5. This is beautiful Jill. I love that textured card. I have some moonshadow inks but would never have thought of painting with it. Thank you so much for all your techniques, you certainly keep those creative juices flowing.



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