Thursday, 14 May 2009

Cards with Kay's new stamps

I hope Kay won't shoot me for this but today I'm showing you the 3 cards I made from the artwork last week for the Port Sunlight show. I didn't have the actual stamps but I think they give of an idea of how lovely the stamps are when they are coloured.

I sneaked in the Stampendous Agapanthus Bloom stamp as a background on vellum on the first card (embossed in white detail) and also made use of one of the alcohol ink/shrink plastic flowers Debbie made for me on the butterfly card.

Mr Stamp Man (Ian) has mounted my set of stamps onto EZ Mount and cut them out for me so looking forward to playing with the real thing now. We've been busy so it doesn't look like I'll get much chance to play today.

Debbie has posted a new tag on her blog, apparently I'm telling you how to use the pigment powders tomorrow, lucky I was going to anyway! Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, what are we going to do with you!! It's OK, there's no need to resign!! (We'll put you on tea making or peel off tidying for the next week instead. Tee hee:))

I'm sure we'll have more cards of Kay's new stamps soon. If you have the stamp sheets, we'd love to see what you do with them (umm, dare I say anything naughty Ladylace C!!)

Jill x


  1. ha ha i meant i was going to resign because i keep spending my wages!!ha ha

  2. OK, so whose got shopping next to the till then? Is it ready for payday tomorrow? That's NOT my fault:) I'm talking about the buttons missus?

  3. These are beautiful cards Jill. Can't wait
    to see the pigment powders technique. Don't be too hard on Debbie, her tag is stunning.


  4. Jill, these are beautiful, thanks for your emails today and also for sorting my order, looking forward to seeing more samples.
    Christine (Ladylace) LOL

  5. Cards look fantastic Jill! I now can't wait to have a go with mine!

    Kay x

  6. Thank you for your comments.

    Debbie's tag is stunning isn't it Lisa, I think I NEED that stamp set too now! After seeing that tag you may be disappointed with my efforts tomorrow, so don't get too excited:)

    Debbie knows I'm only kidding 'cos she loves tidying up (well, maybe not the peel offs!) ha ha! Maybe a shopping ban is in order, we don't want her resigning:)

    I didn't get to play today Kay. Maybe I can sneak them into Saturday's workshop!

    Naughty lady Christine, that's all I'm saying!

    Jill x

  7. Hello Jill
    Love the stamps & the lovely cards you have made with them.

    Looking forward to learning how to use the pigment powders tomorrow.

  8. Great cards Jill, Debbie was showing me the images last time I called in and loved them then but coloured and mounted they're stunning.
    x Michelle

  9. Oh WOW WOW WOW WOOOOO Jill, they have come today!!!!!! I am knocked out. They are stunning plates, with so much on there. Can't wait to mount them and get going!!! Any combination, or single plate cards then I wonder??? I shall have SO much fun... Watch out on my blog everyone!!!!!

    Ps forgot to say thankyou in all that shouting!!! lol

  10. Thank you for your comments!

    I'm hoping to add the pigment powder cards and instructions later Rita, just wading through paperwork at the moment.

    They are pretty aren't they Michelle.

    And Frankie.... I thought we just had an earthquake, but it must have been you jumping up and down with excitement:) Glad they arrived OK and cannot wait to see what you do with them!

    Jill x


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