Friday, 29 May 2009

Moonshadow Ink and salt

Hasn't it been a lovely day! So hot and sunny here in Skipton, but... our unit is so cold that I usually wear a thermal vest, I still did today believe it or not so nothing changed there, but for the first time we didn't have to put the heating on!

A chap called in yesterday with a leaflet for air conditioning, I don't think he'll be getting an order from us anytime soon:) So escape the heat and come visit us, lol!

Today's card is made with Aspects of Design 25 Rambling 1 sheet. Ideal to use for cards for people who like walking and the countryside. The designs were drawn by a local pen and ink artist, and feature Yorkshire and Cumbrian scenes, do you recognise any of the places? It is one of the cards that featured in our Create and Craft TV show Countrylife, the products featured on the show can be found here. All the stamp sheets have appropriate wording that can be used with the images.

The image was stamped with black stazon ink and then water coloured with Tombow brush pens. The rambler and sheep were embossed with detail copper embossing powder cut out and layered onto the image with silicone glue to give a 3D effect.

The wording has been embossed onto torn heatable acetate that has been attached to the back of the card (at the sides) before it was mounted onto the green mount.

The background is made with copper, gold and green Moonshadow inks. I applied a wash over the card then added random blobs of the inks all over. I then sprinkled rock salt and table salt onto the wet ink. I left it to dry completely before taking into the garden to brush the salt away.

The result is a very textured finish as the salt has soaked up some of the inks to form patterns. Use rock salt for distinctive patterns/textures, and table salt for an aged pitted look, or, just use both!

I hope you will try it sometime, it's great fun!!!

Jill x


  1. Hello Jill

    Yet another great card.

    Will certainly have to have a go at using salt but must try to remember to be like you and brush it off in the garden.

    It's been a glorious day too here in East Anglia.

    So sorry that your premises are so cold.

  2. Thanks Rita, yes, I find it less messy to brush the salt off in the garden, it's a bit like glitter, you'll be finding salt pieces for ages afterwards if you don't!

    At least we can be nice and cool on hot days through the summer (she says hopefully!)

    Jill x

  3. ha ha and ive been too hot!!!!cant believe it must be the first day without a heater!!bet helen still had her coat on though!!tee hee
    debbie xx

  4. Hi
    Really like the card, I have been using this stamp set recently for my friend at work for the coast to coast book I made her (on my blog but the pictures are rubbish) . She was doing the cost to coat walk to raise money for the Meningitis's trust. Debs and I are now doing a 100 invitation for their ball, so chasing a feather rubber stamp do have any in the shop. Barbara xx

  5. Thanks Debbie and Barbara

    Helen was coat free too yesterday Debbie, and I've gone mad and abandoned the thermal vest today, oh I do know how to live on the wild side don't I:)

    Nice and cool in here today, going to pop outside to warm up shortly, just for the hell of it!!

    Barbara that's a major job for you both, we don't have any feather stamps at the moment. Well done to your friend, that's a long walk!

    Thanks again

    Jill x

  6. I love your background Jill, will definitely give this a go.
    It's been another glorious day again, hasn't it. I'll know where to come to cool off. Unfortunately haven't made it to your new premises yet, still miss you in Craven Court. Will have to be a trepid explorer and venture out of town!!!!


  7. Hi Gill
    Thanks for the info. I should spell check my comments, she did not do the coat to coat walk but the coast to coast walk. Will blame my long week at work for the mistake off all but Wednesday this week yipeeeee. Take care Bee


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