Saturday, 5 September 2009

Anne's 2nd mini puzzle

Here is another of the mini puzzles that we have been showing, Anne completed this one too and told me it didn't take as long to finish as the first one she did. Still I'm sure a lot of patience was required Anne! Thanks for sending it for us to see.

As I mentioned before, there are no pictures on the packets that show how the finished puzzle will look and it's a bit pot luck as to which puzzle you get. They are ideal for altering, if you have the patience!!

If you wish to read more about them or see the other designs we've found so far please click on mini albums in the label list on the RHS. They can be purchased from our website HERE.


  1. This is such a fantastic idea for altered art. I am really glad you are sharing these with us and I am also glad for you getting your website to place where you should no longer lose sleep!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Julie, I must find the time to make up one of these puzzles myself to either alter, or use as is.

    I had a great time making cards today with new designs, the websites now settled so I'm sure the weekend is looking good:))

    Hope you have a good one too!

    Jill x


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