Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A Trumpet Blast... The first look at the new stamp sheets!

Sorry, couldn't resist the trumpet blast to announce the first showing of the new stamp sheets! It seemed appropriate!! The background of this card is made with one of the Mardi Gras Starburst Stains, it is a lovely olive green/brassy antique gold, and as usual, the camera doesn't show it well at all. I gave the card a background wash then lifted some of the colour off with kitchen towel to add shading.

OK......so....now to the new sheets! I was intending to show the fairy sheet tonight as I know that Sarah and Lisa are itching to see it but I haven't got it finished and it's getting late so just the Classical Instrument sheet tonight. The fairies will come tomorrow!

Tracey sent me her designs about a year and a half ago, in fact, before we launched Kay's Japanese collection. I'm afraid to say I've been sitting on them on this time and nattering about them but have only just got them finished as stamp sheets. Tracey has been VERY patient!!

As you know we usually make themed stamp sheets these days and I wanted to keep to this but didn't have quite enough to fill our normal sized sheets, hence this lastest collection is on a smaller sheet (A5), why didn't we think to do this before!! Never mind, better late than never! Worth the wait I feel. There are 3 new sheets now and I am working on another 3 sheets, again in an A5 format. I hope you like them!! More tomorrow!!
PS: I've added the new sheets to the website tonight too, but without the pictures, I'll be adding them another time. HERE is the link to the new stamps sheet on our website


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!! These are the most beautiful musicstamps I have ever seen!!! just got to have them!!!!!! :O))))))))))

  2. These are absolutely fabulous! I think we will have to see what the latest exchange rate is, Jill!

  3. Very nice!!!! I think that these are the best musical instruments I've seen!! LOVE all the swirly bits. Well done Tracy and well done Jill!!


  4. These are just beautiful Jill. I love the A5 size aswell, just that bit more affordable!! I know you are teasing us with the fairies but now I am very tempted with these too.


  5. These are gorgeous Tracy and Jill. I'll see them irl on Saturday at Harrogate I hope. If you haven't sold out that is because they are very special.

    Lesley Xx

  6. Oh Jill!!! I want fairies LOL Show me the fairies ;) Although these are gorgeous.

  7. Gorgeous! Definitely very tempting! Hope you are taking LOTS to Harrogate!

  8. OK, keep your corset on Sarah, lol!! Funnily enough I've been off playing with the fairies! s'pose I'd better get that fairy sheet on here soonish then;)

    Wait 'till you see the 3rd sheet, I have a feeling you'll LOVE this too;)

    Jill x

  9. love these next on my list
    Christine x


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