Saturday, 5 September 2009

HURRAY! Website has been fixed!!!

If you have visited our website recently you'll know that it was running REALLY slowly, well, it is now fixed and running like a dream!!

As it turned out it was all connected to the special offers section I added, well I have reduced the price of 900 items now so it just kept magnifying the problem. It was a technical problem that had nothing to do with anything I had done, probably wouldn't have come up at all though if I hadn't made so many offers.

So all's well AND we get to keep all 900 special offers AND all the product pictures!! I'm relieved that it is over now as I didn't fancy a repeat of last week if I had to remove any images again, remember what happened then, I lost the lot!!! So, my apologies for any inconvenience or frustration it has caused recently.


Anyway, I will be back later with another post, off for now to make some cards:)

See you later!


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  1. I've not been around lately (visitors) so hadn't realised you had a problem. Glad it fixed now.
    Beryl xx


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