Saturday, 5 September 2009

New stamp sheets - a sneak peek!

OK, 4th and final post, then I promise no more for today...

I made some cards today with new stamp designs by talented artist Tracey Coates. We should have all 3 new sheets in time for the Harrogate show next weekend, I will spill the beans on them all through the coming week, sooooooooo exciting!!

This card features designs from the Starburst Fairies collection, I just LOVE them. I've kept to monochromatic for this card but have added plenty of splashes of diamond glitter glue. Of course, you cannot see them in the photo but it really lifts the detail.

TIP: I used a paint brush to apply the glitter glue where I wanted it as I never trust those bottles, they always splurt too much out, and using a brush just adds a small amount which looks much nicer. I brushed the glitter glue over the entire length of the wording, which seemed appropriate. Remember to wash the brush out quickly after applying. I didn't once, it's glue, and a good one, I had nicely glued bristles, well actually one thick bristle when I next went to use the brush!! For more liberal spreading of glitter glue a finger is an ideal spreader as in this case a brush would be wasteful as it can hold too much!

I cannot wait to try this same card idea with Moonglow two-tone embossing powders, (yum!) I've already tried them with Starburst Stains (double yum!!), and I'm sure that with a combination of both is definitely worthy of a triple yum award!!! Too exciting....

Shame about the photos!

Another sneak peek coming tomorrow:)



  1. Oh I LOVE these! Will definitely be having some, although not from Harrogate as I'll be at the other end of the country for our corset exhibition. Still, it gives me a really good excuse to come and visit Jill :)

  2. Oh, it would be too fab for words if you could visit us Sarah! Will you come over in your new camper van:))

    I hope you have a great time at the corset exhibition. From what I have seen on your blog, everyone is in for a real treat, they are truly great works of art. A lot of time and inspiration put into them all, I've enjoyed following their progress so far and hope you'll share more photos of all the finished corsets with us.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lots of smiles:)))

    Jill x

    PS: It's less than a month 'till Port Sunny show:))

  3. Love the look of these new stamps - hope the sentiments are included they are perfect.

    Ann xxx

  4. ooo Jill i LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! these!!!!!.im sure they will go down a storm at Harrogate.!!cant wait to be back now tomorrow.Im very very bored now!especially this last week.
    love your cards.
    speak to you in the morning
    oooooooo and i cant WAIT to play with these stamps
    debbie xxxx

  5. These look fantastic Jill. I'm very excited to see more. I've been umming and ahhing about going to Harrogate, I'm trying not to overspend at the minute!!! Now I might just have to go or come and see you of course. That might be the better option!!!


  6. Thank you for your comments.

    Yes Ann, the words are on the sheet I thought they are ideal with the images.

    I know you will love these Debbie, in fact the card I'm probably showing today is one that Ian thought is definitely Debbie card, lot of pink!

    Would be great if you could visit the shop Lisa, I will pop a note on the blog when the stock has arrived.




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