Tuesday, 22 September 2009

More sepia/travel themed suitcase photos

I bought these suitcases for the shop a while ago, I thought they would be good for presents where you could make something to go inside, my thoughts were a mini concertina book, jewellery you have made or even as they are for use as travel jewellery cases.

Some of the inside panels.

The suitcases had sat in a box under a table in the shop for a while then blow me, T!m Holtz blogged about a class he took where they made mini books to go inside. It inspire me to get them out to at least show we had them in stock.

I was delighted when Janet told me about the sepia challenge for the Tuesday Taggers, it got me all fired up to actually get on with it.
Thanks for looking!



  1. WOW JILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!this looks fab.You really have been busy.You wouldnt think you could fit all that in a suitcase!!!
    just brill
    debbie xxxx

  2. These are just fantastic Jill. I think I have to have a couple of these fabby suitcases.

    Do you stock those gorgeous metal corner embellishments that are on the 'Destination' and 'Paris' pages?

    Lesley Xx

  3. Thanks Debbie and Lesley! I don't think we have the metal corners in stock now Lesley but I will keep looking out for them for the shop. Will let you know if we find some!!

    Jill x

  4. Oh Wow! That's stunning! What a wonderful idea!

  5. Wow amazing - just love what you've done here.

    Ann xxx


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