Thursday, 10 September 2009

Aspects of Design 61 Butterfly Beauties

Here is the first peek of the 3rd sheet, Butterfly Beauties, equally as lovely as the first 2 sheets I think. The intricate butterfly is a smaller version from Tracey's other sheet, and the lady with flowers and butterflies in her hair has been named by me as the bling maiden! I spent hours last night sticking tiny gems in her hair!! The things we do... The swirl at the bottom makes an equally gorgeous matching neckline.

The smaller images can be used for the backs of your cards with the handmade wording or used for a gift tag, the words are included for gifts as well as I am often asked for a stamp with 'a gift for you' rather than 'just for you'.

I may be back later with a card or two but have to finish some paperwork and other daily stuff today. So no playing with them 'till later I'm afraid.

I did start a canvas with this sheet last night, needs a bit more work before I show it but I'm sure that we'll have loads of cards to show you in due course!

Thanks for looking!



  1. im playing with this sheet now Jill!!!and the bling maiden as you call her!!lol is beautiful when stamped out.Such a lovely image.
    debbie xxxx

  2. Sorry I didn't make it over today Jill. Our baby guinea pigs died suddenly yesterday so it was tears all round last night and today. 2 young people couldn't cope with school so this pm it was guinea pig shopping again.
    I'll come and visit next week and buy my beautiful fairy stamps :)

  3. I'm trying to be good, and you bring out all these gorgeous stamps! I'll be having a closer look and buying on Saturday at Harrogate!

  4. Sorry to hear about the guinea pigs Sarah, I hope you managed to buy some more and that the all's well with the children now. We will save you a set of fairies.

    I love these stamps, really pleased how they have turned out. I used her on a canvas, may get it finished in time to bring to Harrogate, I'm having one of those indecisive moments about finishing touches!!

    Better get back to the card making!!

    Jill x

  5. Thanks Jill; we're all feeling happier now we're the proud owners of two new guinea pigs!! - Winston and Scout. Can't wait to visit, going to come over Mo, fingers crossed no more tragedies ;) Have fun at Harrogate xx


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