Saturday, 12 September 2009

Home from the Harrogate show

A short post tonight just to say thank you to everyone who called to see us today at the show, it was lovely to meet new people and catch up with old... um sorry should I say familiar faces again! As it is fairly local to us it seems to be a bit of a social occasion as well, it is always nice to see customers who have been crafting for years and that they are all still enjoying their cardmaking.

It was very busy and hot but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. If you are at the show tomorrow please come and say hello we'd love to meet you, I'll be the one with the messy hands!!

Also, thanks to everyone that is visiting our blog, joined as a follower and entered to win the blog candy.

The blog candy finishes on Monday so if you haven't already entered, do it soon!! You've got to be in it to win it:)


PS: I've added the Funky Flowers/Frames display board photo especially for Sally:) Not that you can see the cards very well but if you visit Kay and Debbie's blogs, as well as click on the labels for that sheet on this blog, you should find the individual cards a lot clearer/closer up. Hope it helps Sally, have fun using your new stamps!


  1. Hellloooooo.

    Couldn't make it up to Harrogate as I was demoing today, and not sure if I can get up there tomorrow. if I don't.. I'm just popping by to say HI!!! lol.

    take care you.. speak soon xx

  2. your hands werent too messy today Jill!!!Yes it did get hot but very enjoyable indeed and lovely to see fellow bloggers x.Right im logging off,im shattered!!!
    good luck tomorrow hope it isnt as warm for you.
    debbie xx

  3. It was lovely to meet you and Debbie today. I'm busy cutting up my stamps now. I'm now wishing I took photos of your funky flowers board because it was sooooo beautiful!

  4. I wish I could have gone :)

  5. Hi Jill, it was so lovely to meet you and Debbie today. We laughed about Debbie's detectiveness about finding out who I was from the credit card details all the way home. I am so pleased to have got the fairy stamps although it means waiting for Xmas to play with them, the wait will definitely be worth it. My sister was trying to decide whether to get the starburst sprays while we were having coffee and I managed to persuade her to give them a go as I love them. I'll try and post anything she makes with them if she'll let me.
    I'll be over to the shop as soon as I've saved up some pennies, I still haven't managed to get any of Kay's new stamps yet and that's a must so I'll hopefully see you both again soon. (I shall keep the map in the car, then there is no excuse!!!!)
    I hope today has gone well, hopefully it won't have been so warm for you all.


  6. Well... as you know I made it to the show! Lovely to see you again, and thank you for such a nice cuddle! You give the best ones around!!

    speak soon Jill..

    Love Jo x

  7. I really really wish I could have gone ... your sample cards look fab and I am guessing you were a lot cooler today :0)


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