Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New - Mini Suitcases

These mini suitcases were used in a workshop held by Tim Holtz this weekend at the Creative Escape 2009. Tim's project included a 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" mini book that was made in the workshop to fit inside the suitcases. I think they will be good for mini concertina books, little travel jewellery boxes or for handmade gifts you have made too. They all have an inner pocket in the lid. They are swede/leather effect with press studs to fasten and available in a number colours.

I have added the mini suitcases to our website HERE. They are £3.99 each. I haven't put the pictures on the website yet, but I've shown plenty of pictures here so you can see what they are like.

If you would like to see how Tim has used the suitcases, visit his blog HERE.

As Kay has had a countdown to her birthday gadget on her blog for quite a while, you may have noticed that it is fast approaching, well, it's on Friday! If you have the time and opportunity to join in, how about we all bombard Kay with Happy Birthday comments on her blog! The link to Kay's blog is over on the RHS.


  1. Good idea Jill, I certainly will be wishing her a HB.
    Christine xx

  2. Love those mini suitcases, Jill...you could reeeaally do some cool things with them, couldn't you?!

  3. Thank's for the reminder.I have lot's of Aspect of Design sheet's and video's I used to record your show's on create and craft. I learned such a lot as a new crafter at that time, so I would like to send Kay all the best for her B'day.
    Ps.. I love those suitcases
    Pps Your Starburst stain's are at the top of my wish list...

  4. I've had plans to use them for workshops myself. My thoughts when I got them a while ago were to make ATC size concertina books for them, which I hope to tackle soon. I'm actually working on some new stamp sheets at the moment so I will have to get these finished first.

  5. How cute are those suitcases :) They definitely need little books inside :)

  6. These mini suitcases look fantastic. I shall be checking out Tim's site as you suggest. I feel ideas for Xmas coming on.



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