Monday, 14 September 2009

Something silly...World Record - Cream Cracker Eating

We usually hide treats around the living room for Hamish to find in the evening but, as we were in a silly kind of mood after getting home from the Harrogate show, Ian decided to do something different.

The (human) world record was set at 49.15 seconds on 29 October 2002 by Ambrose Mendy.

Hamish did it last night in 45 seconds!! Crumbs included:) Could this be a world record for a dog?


  1. me thinks your both 'cream crackered'!!!!ha ha no only joking!!
    well done hamish xx

  2. Sounds like a gold medal winning time to me! LOL

  3. Sounds like a challenge to me!!! Gyp's pretty fast at eating treats so I'll get some and try ;)
    Sorry I didn't make it over today, Malc sold his car at the weekend so I'm carless this week. Men!!!

  4. Thank you for making me giggle this morning - well done Hamish!
    Clare x


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